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Welcome to RIPTO
RIPTO is about a series of competitive speedrunning tournaments and events including I'm A Speedrunner (Ran between 2009-2015)
as well as its spinoff and follow up tournaments such as RIP: Resurrected, Dragon Racing-World Cup, Wumpa Classic Championship 2 and Disney Dash.

The main goal of RIPTO is to document any and all relevant topics and events and to become the ultimate knowledge base.


We currently stand at 316 articles and 215 registered users since January 21, 2011
Have fun!

Current events

Here are tournament(s) and/or event(s) upcoming or currently underway: Disney Dash 2

DDash 2.png

Visit the tournament pages for more info on how to watch and/or participate.

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Topics of Interest

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The current champions of each title are as follows:

International King of Crass is Italisian
Held for 206 Days.


World Speedrunning Champion is Italisian
Held for 140 Days.


Intercontinental Duos Champions are Italisian & DarkLizzard
Held for 130 Days.

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How to help
There are many ways you can help contribute to RIPTO.

To create a new page, enter the page name in the text box below and then click "Create Page"


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Community links
We have a Discord server to help run tournaments and events. Feel free to drop by.

IAS/RIP server:

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