Spyro Skateboarding Tournament (2018)

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Spyro Skateboard Tournament
Series Spinoff
Status Planned
Held on SpyroSkate
Host(s) Mowmowclub2
Players TBD
Dates -
Winner Gold.png TBD
Runner-up Silver.png TBD
Third place TBD
Fourth place TBD

The Spyro Skateboarding Tournament (not to be confused with the similarly-named 2011 tournament hosted by SpyroJam86), was a tournament scheduled to begin in 2018. The tournament is for both the original Spyro trilogy and Reignited Trilogy, and will see people competing in Spyro 3's skateboarding minigames.

Due to lack of interest, the tournament has been put on hold indefinitely until a better opportunity arises.


The skate parks included will be Sunny Villa, Enchanted Towers, and Lost Fleet. There will be groups of four up until the very end, and the winner from each group will move on to the next round, and so forth. The amount of rounds to take place depends on how many people sign up, but there will be at least four rounds.

There are separate brackets for the original trilogy and Reignited Trilogy. For instance, you have Sunny Villa in Round 1, and you can either do the Reignited Trilogy in one group, or the original trilogy in another group.

The tournament will have a prize of 25 US dollars for the winner, and 10 for second place.


▼ Sign-ups begun on November 18, 2018 and ended on December 1. Due to lack of players signed up, the tournament is currently on hold.