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Competitor Infobox Placeholder.png
Real Name N/A
Country UnitedKingdom-16.png United Kingdom
Tournament History IAS 4, IAS 6, IAS? Nein!
Best Outcome Group Stage
Contact info

AntarticSpyro is one of very few female competitors to have taken part in the RIPTO tournaments. She is (as far as anyone else in the community knows) actually the real-life girlfriend of Bionicle2809, whom she met on YouTube.

Participation in I'm A Speedrunner 1

Brought in at the very last minute as a substitute for HydraVipa, who was unable to further compete due to recording issues. AntarticSpyro intended to take part in the tournament, but due to the tournament being around the Christmas period, and how quickly the tournament was done, none of her matches were done.

Participation in I'm A Speedrunner 4

After now being acquainted with Owen, she was convinced to take part in the Ratchet & Clank tournament, in a series of games which she was actually pretty good at. Unfortunately for her, she was drawn into Group F, the tournament's group of death, with MeckleMisuer, ScourgeandMephiles93 and Nintendogen64. With MeckleMisuer having won all of his matches, and each of the other players losing to someone else, the group was pushed into a Triple Threat where only the winner would progress. AntarticSpyro's video had to be post-recorded, but in the end ScourgeandMephiles93 was the winner.

Participation in I'm A Speedrunner 6

AntarticSpyro returned for IAS 6, where she was absent for most of the Group Stage, but showed up to race Katrinonus (the other female competitor in her group) in a race to 100% Blowhard in Spyro 1. She lost, and didn't do any other matches.

Participation in IAS? Nein!

AntarticSpyro was back for IAS? Nein!, but as usual the tournament ended early for her. She was eliminated, yet again, in Round 1 after suffering defeats to MrFinlandboy in a race to beat Tiny with 1 gem in Crash 3 and Nintendogen64 in a race to 30 dragons in Spyro 1.


Tournament Matches Played Matches Won Matches Lost Win % Outcome
IAS 4 4 1 3 25 % Group Stage
IAS 6 1 0 1 0 % Group Stage
IAS? Nein! 2 0 2 0 % Group Stage
Total 7 1 6 14.29 %