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Competitor Infobox Placeholder.png
Real Name N/A
Country UnitedStates-24.png United States
Mexico-24.png Mexico
Tournament History IAS 2
Best Outcome Quarter-Final
Contact info

CrashFan994 is a speedrunner who competed in I'm A Speedrunner 2. He also joined I'm A Speedrunner 5, but dropped out without doing any matches.

Participation in I'm A Speedrunner 2

CrashFan defeated StanScooby545 in a race to beat Dingodile in Crash 3 and Mowmowclub2 in a Crash 2 race to beat the Komodo Bros. with 2 gems, but he lost to Mallqui123 in a Crash 2 race to beat Ripper Roo with 1 gem.

CrashFan994 won his group and made it to Round 2, where he lost to ScourgeandMephiles93 in a Crash 2 race to beat Ripper Roo.


Tournament Matchest Played Matches Won Matches Lost Win % Outcome
IAS 2 4 2 2 50 % Quarter-Final
Total 4 2 2 50 %