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Real Name Danny
Previous Aliases TheSpyroFan12
Country UnitedKingdom-24.png United Kingdom
Tournament History DRWC, Disney Dash
Best Outcome Semi-Finals
Contact info
YouTube https://www.youtube.com/c/TheSpyroFan12

DantaFanta, initially known as TheSpyroFan12, is a United Kingdom competitor who first appeared in Dragon Racing-World Cup and made a few appearances in tournaments since then. He is known to be seen on camera wearing costumes such as a Spyro onesie while giving commentary on occasion.

Tournament History

Participation in Dragon Racing World Cup

Danta joined the community in his first tournament in DRWC, under the username TheSpyroFan12. The first the community officially saw of him was through his competitors video, where he dressed in his Spyro onesie, declared that he was not a Speedrunner, and proceeded to roll across his kitchen floor.

During the seeding challenges, he competed against Kolapro with times in Spyro 1 and 3. He ended the seeing with a time of 10:10 in Spyro 1, placing him as the 5th seed of Tier 2.

In Round 1, he was drawn into Group A with LukeRF44, KingEurope1, and Nervly. He lost his first race against LukeRF444 in a Spyro 1 bingo. The original commentary for most of the run was lost, so Danta opted to record a post commentary with himself on webcam wearing his Spyro onesie, where he attempted to create a fun plotline involving himself and a Pikachu plush dubbed 'Lord Pikachu' being servants of the Lord of Chaos while also providing updates on the run.

He came back from this defeat with a victory against Nervly in a Spyro 3 race to collect 3 Skill Points and 26 Eggs, following this up with a victory against KingEurope1 in a Spyro 1 race to Magic Crafters. A triple threat was declared in the group between Danta, LukeRF44 and KingEurope1, where he placed 2nd in a Spyro 2 race to collect one orb in every Summer Forest level, granting him a placement in Round 2.

In Round 2, he was unfortunate enough to be drawn against YesWally1, where they raced in Spyro 3 to collect 55 Eggs and enter Evening Lake. He proved unsuccessful in this race, and was eliminated from the main tournament.

In the Round 2 Second Chances match, he raced MrGamesendy in a Spyro 1 race to rescue 35 Dragons and defeat Metalhead. He lost this race, therefore eliminating him from the tournament.

Wumpa Classic Championship

Danta had originally signed up to this tournament and was placed in Group A, however he soon dropped out due to a combination of not being able to stream at the time, and being busier than previously anticipated.

He guest starred in the introduction video to the tournament by announcing 'Crash Bandicoot' at the start and end of the video, and doing the Crash dance alongside Kolapro. He once again wore his Spyro onesie, mostly due to not having a Crash onesie, but danced in front of a Crash poster, so as to keep with the Crash theme.

Participation in IAS? Te1°n!

Despite only having played Toy Story 2 once in his life, Danta decided to sign up for this tournament because he could. He once again did not disappoint when he shared his competitors video of him, back in the onesie, pushing a figure of Woody aside with Lord Pikachu.

Placed in Group C, Danta faced off against Cotote (also known as Ratchet5) in a race to get as many pizza planet tokens in 20 minutes. Following this, he raced CrystalFissure in a race to get the ham tokens in the first three platformer levels. His final race of the tournament was against Playsihull in a race to get the collectable pizza planet tokens in the first 3 levels. Due to his lack of experience in the game, he naturally lost all 3 races and was eliminated from the tournament.

He made a guest appearance in the commentary for the Grand Final, where most of his PS1 games fell off his shelf several times mid video. The games survived.

Should the tournament have continued as a mini tournament as intended, rather than a stand-alone Toy Story 2 tournament, Danta has stated he probably would have competed in the other games, regardless of what they would be.

Participation in Wumpa Classic Championship 2

Danta signed up for this tournament, hoping to redeem himself from the dropout in the first one. His competitors video showed him once again performing the Crash Dance in his Spyro onesie, while attempting to play Crash 2. He participated in seeding for Crash 2 only, hoping to get a good time, placing as Tier 2 seed 5. He was placed into Group E, with Kolapro choosing him as his selected group member.

Shortly after the start of Round 1, Danta raced Abdul in Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled in a race to complete the Crash, Wumpa and Bonus cups. Due to failing one of the shortcuts in Polar Pass, Danta lost the run, bringing him to his first loss of the tournament. He soon raced DrMonkeyman in a Crash Team Racing bingo run to complete one line. In a shocking twist, they had both chosen the same line, with Danta barely taking the win by less than 10 seconds. His race against Kolapro was in Crash Bash Japanese to collect all Trophies & Gems in Warp Room 1, which Danta lost. His last race was vs DessertmonkeyJK, where they raced in Crash 3 to get as many gems as possible in 30 minutes, but you cannot enter adjacent levels next to each other in a warp room. Danta was somehow able to win this, qualifying him for Round 2.

Danta was not prepared for Round 2 at all, mostly due to him not expecting to make it that far. He raced DarkLizzard in a Crash 2 race to get as many gems as possible in 40 minutes. After the first half of the run, his lack of Crash knowledge became clear and he lost the race, eliminating him from the tournament.

Throughout the tournament, he was the host of the newly founded Wumpa Cast, a podcast for discussing the tournament progress.


Tournament Matches Played Matches Won Matches Lost Win % Outcome
DRWC 6 2 4 33.33 % Round 2
IAS? Te1°n! 3 0 3 0 % Group Stage
WCC2 5 2 3 40 % Knockout Stage
Disney Dash 10 7 3 70 % Semi-Finals
Total 24 11 13 45.83 % Semi-Finals