Disney Bingo Dash 1

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Disney Bingo Dash 1
"Stay Disning ?" - Kolapro
Series Duos Tournaments
Status Done
Held on CBWCC & RIPTOStream
Host(s) The Crash Team
Players 6 (3 Duos)
Dates February 20, 2021 - February 22, 2021
Winner Gold.png DarkKings (TK & DarkLizzard)
Runner-up Silver.png Cotote & Rexy
Third place Kolapro & MonsieurALG
Wumpin' Bingo Bash 1 SSIcon.png Wumpin' Bingo Bash 2

Announcement poster for Dinsey Bingo Dash 1

Disney Bingo Dash 1 is a 102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the rescue (PS1) 2 v 2 lockout bingo tournament that will be held on February 20th 2021 to February 24th 2021. The tournament is the second of the Bingo Bash series and the first Disney Bingo Dash. The tournament is hosted by 'The Crash Team', which is not an individual but a collaboration of various peoples; including Kolapro, Cotote and TK. The tournament will be for the Intercontinental Duos Championship.


The tournament was announced by kolapro on the Disney Bingos discord server on February 8, 2021.

  • Sign ups were closed on February 17, 2021 and the teams were announced.
  • The tournament started on January 20, 2021 and 2 races happened in that day.
  • 3 races happened on January 21, 2021.
  • The final race happened on Januray 22, 2021.

Special Rules

The tournament will be following the General Rule Set unless specified otherwise.

Method of Play

Competitors may play the games by the following methods.

  • A PS1
  • A PS2 with slow disc speed (as opposed to fast disc speed)
  • ePSXe versions 1.8, 1.9 and 2.0.0
  • Mednafen and PCSXR

They will need to have the NTSC version of 102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the rescue.

They will need to have a save state or save file that has 0 puppies collected, 0 bones, 0 stickers from the 4 first pages and 2 lives.

They will also need to connect to https://bingosync.com as they will mark the goals they get themselves

Bingo Lockout Rules

Every board has 25 goals.

When you get a certain goal your opponent can't get the same goal, as many goals as possible in a time limit or until you fill out the whole board

How every match works

To start every competitor has to start the save file or save state of the game and connect to Bingosync.

A board will be randomly generated by a moderator.

Every match is a race to finish the board but with 45 minutes time limit in case 2 teams finish on the same amount of goals marked the winning team will be the one that got the last goal marked first.

Note: Goals cannot be done combined by 2 players, for example the goal get 7+ combined puppies from The Underground & Barnyard, player 1 getting 3 puppies fromThe Underground and the other player getting 4 puppies from Barnyard do not make the goal count as only one player has to do the full goal.

For more information about the rules please check the rule book here:


Tiebreaker Rules

Very similar to football rules:

In case we get in Round 1 the same amount of points for all the teams the tiebreaker will be who got the highest goal difference.

In case more than a team got the same amount of points and same amount of goal difference the tiebreaker will be who got the highest goal marked.

In case more than a team got the same amount of points and same amount of goals marked the tiebreaker will be who got the lowest goals scored against.

Participating Players

Player Tournament Appearance Last Appearance Previous Best Duos Performance Duos Consecutive Streak
Australia-16.png Cotote 20th Wumpin' Bingo Bash 1 4th Place 2
Czechia-16.png DarkLizzard 4th Wumpin' Bingo Bash 1 3rd Place 2
Serbia-16.png Kolapro 7th Wumpin' Bingo Bash 1 2nd Place 2
Greece.png MonsieurALG 1st Debut N/A 1
UnitedKingdom-16.png Rexy 2nd Wumpin' Bingo Bash 1 1st Place 2
Tunisia-16.png TK 4th Wumpin' Bingo Bash 1 4th Place 2


Team name Players
Cotote & Rexy Australia-16.png Cotote UnitedKingdom-16.png Rexy
DarkKings Czechia-16.png DarkLizzard Tunisia-16.png TK
Kola & MonsieurALG Serbia-16.png Kolapro Greece.png MonsieurALG



Every team will have to face the other teams twice in Lockout Bingo and the points are allocated as follow:

Win 1
Loss 0
There is no point allocation for draws, as the tie-breaker for getting the same amount of goals is who got the last goal first.
Group Rankings
Place Competitors Played Won Lost Goals Marked Goals Against Goal Difference Points
Gold.png DarkKings 4 4 0 58 42 +16 4
Silver.png Cotote & Rexy 4 2 2 54 46 +8 2
3rd Place Kola & MonsieurALG 4 0 4 38 62 -24 0
Player 1 Vs Player 2
DarkKings 15-10 Kola & MonsieurALG
Cotote & Rexy 10-15 DarkKings
Cotote & Rexy 17-8 Kola & MonsieurALG
DarkKings 13-12 Cotote & Rexy
Kola & MonsieurALG 10-15 DarkKings
Kola & MonsieurALG 10-15 Cotote & Rexy
Matches Done - 6/6