Disney Dash

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Disney Dash
"we at disney dash hate cotote" - TK
Series Running in the Past
Status Done
Held on Disney Dash
Host(s) TK, Lucas Bolton & DantaFanta
Players 30
Dates October 14, 2020 - December 27, 2020
Winner Gold.png EmperorXerg
Runner-up Silver.png Smudgey and Luka
Fourth place TK

WCC2 SSIcon.png Wumpin' Bingo Bash 1

Disney Dash 2

Disney Dash logo

Disney Dash was a Disney themed tournament held in late 2020. The tournament was hosted by the new Disney Squad which is composed of Tunisian King, Lucas Bolton and DantaFanta which was their first ever time hosting.


  • The tournament opened sign-ups on September 24, 2020. No sign up video was created and was done over Discord.
  • Seeding opened on September 29, 2020 and closed on October 12, 2020.
  • Round 1 started on October 14, 2020 and ends on November 4th, 2020.
  • Round 2 started on November 9th, 2020. and ends on November 24th, 2020.

Special Rules

These are the rules that specifically apply to this tournament. For the general rules, see General Rules.

Match Points

During the Group Stages, players compete to win matches and earn points in their group. The following points are awarded:

  • Win - 2 points
  • Lose - 1 point
  • Forfeit - 0 points

Choosing a game

Disney Dash features a variety of games that competitors can play and are encouraged to play more than just one game during the tournament.

During a Round that features a Group, such as Round 1 & 2, competitors are only allowed to propose a specific game to play with an opponent once. This mainly applies to the competitor proposing it and not their opponent, so the opponent can propose the same game to somebody else if they haven't already.

(Example: Player 1 proposes game to Player 2, Player 1 cannot propose the same game again to Player 3 but Player 2 can).

Accepted Games

Despite Disney Dash being a Disney tournament, exceptions have been made for the specific games that are allowed to be run.

This tournament is based around Disney games released on the PlayStation 1. For strictly Round 1, Playstation 1 Disney games with ports & different versions on other platforms are also allowed. The games that can be played are as follows:

Mandatory Games

These games are the primary focus in the tournament, being the games that will be played throughout the entire tournament:

  • 102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue
  • A Bug's Life
  • Donald Duck: Quack Attack
  • Monsters, Inc.
  • Tarzan
  • Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue

Encouraged Games

These games are not required, but are allowed for the duration of Rounds 1 and 2:

  • Aladdin in Nasira's Revenge
  • Atlantis: The Lost Empire
  • Emperor's New Groove
  • Hercules
  • Lilo & Stitch: Trouble in Paradise
  • Lion King: Simba's Mighty Adventure
  • Mickey Mania
  • Toy Story Racer
  • Treasure Planet
Other Games

Every other Disney PS1 game is allowed for Round 1, as well as ports/versions on other consoles for encouraged & mandatory games. PS1 games include, but are not limited to:

  • 101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure
  • Buzz Lightyear of Star Command
  • Dance Dance Revolution Disney Mix
  • Dinosaur
  • Goofy's Fun House
  • Jungle Book Groove Party
  • Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea
  • Magical Tetris Challenge
  • Pooh's Party Game: In Search of the Treasure
  • Tigger's Honey Hunt
  • Walt Disney World Quest: Magical Racing Tour


For the first time ever in RIPTO's history, this tournament features different logos for their respective games.

These are the logos for each game listed below:


As with DRWC and WCC, Disney Dash uses Seeding to help with group balancing. Seeding is not mandatory and should be considered as a fun pre-tournament warm up.

The seeding tasks are as follows:

  • Toy Story 2: Starting at Andy's House, Beat Bombs Away with 7 tokens
  • Bug's Life: Starting with all levels unlocked, 100% one normal level and 1 boss level
  • Quack Attack: From start of game, Beat first boss with all bears collected in 2 levels
  • Monster's Inc: With orientation already completed, eat Randall and get 1 silver medal
  • 102 Dalmatians: From start of game, beat Cruella 1 with 4 puppies rescued in each of the first 4 levels
  • Tarzan: From the start, complete Stampede with TARZAN collected in 1 level
Toy Story 2 A Bug's Life Donald Duck Monster's Inc 102 Dalmatians Tarzan
Tier 1 CookieNaval












Tier 2 Cotote


Lucas Bolton










Tier 3 CrystalFissure






*CharityRoyall earned a Tarzan time of 54:29. Because the Tier 3 list was not filled, he was given an honorary Tier 3 spot due to having finished a seeding challenge.

Participating Players

Tournament Appearance Last Singles Appearance Previous Best Performance WSC Consecutive Streak
UnitedKingdom-16.png Alice Clarke 1st Debut N/A 1
UnitedStates-16.png Charity Royall 1st Debut N/A 1
SouthAfrica-24.png CharmedSky 1st Debut N/A 1
Portugal-16.png CookieNaval 1st Debut N/A 1
Australia-16.png Cotote 18th WCC2 2nd Place 18
Australia-16.png CrosstownExpress 2nd WCC2 Round 1 2
Australia-16.png CrystalFissure 15th IAS? Te1°n! 1st Place 1
UnitedKingdom-16.png Daniel Davidson 1st Debut N/A 1
UnitedKingdom-16.png DantaFanta 4th WCC2 Knockout Stage 3
Czechia-16.png DarkLizzard 2nd WCC2 Quarter-Finals 2
UnitedKingdom-16.png Destabilize 1st Debut N/A 1
Israel-16.png DingoCrash 7th IAS8 1st Place 1
UnitedStates-16.png DrMonkeyman 2nd WCC2 Round 1 2
UnitedKingdom-16.png EmperorXerg 3rd WCC2 Round 2 2
UnitedKingdom-16.png EP 2nd WCC2 Round 1 2
UnitedKingdom-16.png James Jones 6th WCC2 Round 1 2
Australia-16.png Keyford 3rd WCC2 Round 1 2
Serbia-16.png Kolapro 5th WCC2 1st Place 2
UnitedKingdom-16.png Lucas Bolton 2nd WCC2 Round 1 2
Serbia-16.png Luka 1st Debut N/A 1
UnitedKingdom-16.png Marcus Terry-Bedford 2nd WCC2 5th Place 2
Australia-16.png MeteoraGirl 1st Debut N/A 1
Ireland-16.png MrGamesendy 9th IAS? Te1°n! 4th Place 1
UnitedStates-16.png Noel McDavid 1st Debut N/A 1
UnitedKingdom-16.png PrettyPrincessKitty 1st Debut N/A 1
UnitedStates-16.png Skater6453 1st Debut N/A 1
UnitedKingdom-16.png Smudgey 2nd WCC2 Round 1 2
UnitedKingdom-16.png Spyro Jonathan 1st Debut N/A 1
UnitedStates-16.png Stephaski27 1st Debut N/A 1
Tunisia-16.png Tunisian King 2nd WCC2 Round 1 2


Round 1

Round 1 is 6 groups of 5. The top 2 of each group move on to Round 2, 3rd and 4th move on to Round 2 Sudden Death, while 5th is eliminated.

Group A

Group Rankings
Competitors Played Won Lost Points
Kolapro 4 4 0 8
MrGamesendy 4 3 1 7
EP 4 2 2 6
DingoCrash 4 1 3 5
Alice Clarke 4 0 4 4
Nintendogen64 (Dropped Out) 0 0 0 0
Player 1 Vs Player 2
Kolapro Aladdin: Nasira's Revenge MrGamesendy
Kolapro Magical Racing Tour EP
Kolapro Atlantis: TLE Alice Clarke
Kolapro Toy Story 2 DingoCrash
MrGamesendy Monsters Inc EP
MrGamesendy Lion King Alice Clarke
MrGamesendy A Bug's Life DingoCrash
EP Little Mermaid II Alice Clarke
EP Lilo and Stitch DingoCrash
Alice Clarke Hercules DingoCrash
Matches Done - 10/10

Group B

Group Rankings
Competitors Played Won Lost Points
Luka 4 4 0 8
Lucas Bolton 4 3 1 7
PrettyPrincessKitty 4 2 2 6
Keyford 4 1 3 5
DrMonkeyman 4 0 4 4
Player 1 Vs Player 2
Luka Buzz Lightyear of Star Command Lucas Bolton
Luka Lilo and Stitch PrettyPrincessKitty
Luka Goofy's Fun House Keyford
Luka Treasure Planet DrMonkeyman
Lucas Bolton Toy Story 2 PrettyPrincessKitty
Lucas Bolton Tarzan Keyford
Lucas Bolton 102 Dalmatians DrMonkeyman
PrettyPrincessKitty A Bug's Life Keyford
PrettyPrincessKitty Magical Racing Tour DrMonkeyman
Keyford Toy Story 2 DrMonkeyman
Matches Done - 10/10

Group C

Group Rankings
Competitors Played Won Lost Points
DarkLizzard 4 3 1 7
EmperorXerg 4 3 1 7
MeteoraGirl 3 0 3 3
Stephaski27 3 0 3 3
Charity Royall* 4 3 1 7
Player 1 Vs Player 2
EmperorXerg Goofy's Fun House DarkLizzard
EmperorXerg Lilo & Stitch Charity Royall
EmperorXerg Little Mermaid II Stephaski27
EmperorXerg Atlantis: TLE MeteoraGirl
DarkLizzard Magical Tetris Challenge Charity Royall
DarkLizzard Emperor's New Groove Stephaski27
DarkLizzard A Bug's Life MeteoraGirl
Charity Royall Winnie the Pooh Preschool Stephaski27
Charity Royall My Disney Kitchen MeteoraGirl
Stephaski27 Not Done MeteoraGirl
Matches Done - 9/10
Triple Threat
Player Outcome
DarkLizzard 1st
EmperorXerg** 2nd
CharityRoyall**' 3rd
Toy Story 2

*Charity Royall dropped out of the tournament after completing all of his matches, opting to not return for Round 2. Due to this, he was awarded 5th place by default, although his races were not voided.

**A Triple Threat scenario occurred between DarkLizzard, EmperorXerg and CharityRoyall. Charity was given a default last place due to his dropping out, while EmperorXerg did not submit any footage, making DarkLizzard the winner by default

Group D

Group Rankings
Competitors Played Won Lost Points
CrystalFissure 4 3 1 7
CookieNaval 4 3 1 7
Spyro Jonathan 4 2 2 6
Marcus Terry-Bedford 4 2 2 6
James Jones 3 0 3 3
Player 1 Vs Player 2
CookieNaval Monsters Inc Marcus Terry-Bedford
CookieNaval A Bug's Life CrystalFissure
CookieNaval Toy Story 2 Spyro Jonathan
CookieNaval Donald Duck James Jones*
Marcus Terry-Bedford Toy Story 2 CrystalFissure
Marcus Terry-Bedford Tarzan Spyro Jonathan
Marcus Terry-Bedford Lilo and Stitch James Jones
CrystalFissure Emperor's New Groove Spyro Jonathan
CrystalFissure Monsters Inc James Jones
Spyro Jonathan 102 Dalmatians James Jones
Matches Done - 10/10

*James Jones failed to do his side of the race, and therefore does not get a point for a loss.

Group E

Group Rankings
Competitors Played Won Lost Points
Tunisian King 4 4 0 8
Smudgey 4 3 1 7
Noel McDavid 4 2 2 6
Cotote 4 1 3 5
CrosstownExpress 1 0 1 1
Player 1 Vs Player 2
Tunisian King A Bug's Life Cotote
Tunisian King 101 Dalmatians II CrosstownExpress
Tunisian King Tigger's Honey Hunt Noel McDavid
Tunisian King 102 Dalmatians Smudgey
Cotote Dinosaur CrosstownExpress
Cotote Storybook Studio: Mulan Noel McDavid
Cotote Magical Racing Tour Smudgey
CrosstownExpress Toy Story Racer Noel McDavid
CrosstownExpress Tigger's Honey Hunt Smudgey
Noel McDavid Aladdin: Nasira's Revenge Smudgey
Matches Done - 10/10

Group F

Group Rankings
Competitors Played Won Lost Points
DantaFanta 4 4 0 8
Destabilize 4 3 1 7
Skater6453 4 2 2 6
Daniel Davidson 4 1 3 5
CharmedSky 4 0 4 4
Fromond (Replaced) 0 0 0 0
Player 1 Vs Player 2
Destabilize Tigger's Honey Hunt DantaFanta
Destabilize Aladdin: Nasira's Revenge Skater6453
Destabilize Hercules Dan Davidson
Destabilize Toy Story 2 CharmedSky
DantaFanta Toy Story 2 (1 2 3) Skater6453
DantaFanta Goofy's Fun House Daniel
DantaFanta Donald Duck CharmedSky
Skater6453 A Bug's Life Dan Davidson
Skater6453 Monster's Inc CharmedSky
Dan Davidson 102 Dalmatians CharmedSky
Matches Done - 10/10

Round 2

The 1st and 2nd place competitors are drawn into random groups of two 1st placers and two 2nd placers. The top 2 move onto the Semi-Finals, while 3rd and 4th move to the 2nd Chance 3-Way Matches.

Group X

Group Rankings
Competitors Played Won Lost Points
Tunisian King 3 3 0 6
CookieNaval 3 2 1 5
Lucas Bolton 3 1 2 4
DarkLizzard 3 0 3 3
Player 1 Vs Player 2
DarkLizzard Toy Story 2 Tunisian King
DarkLizzard Mickey Mania Lucas Bolton
DarkLizzard Donald Duck CookieNaval
Tunisian King Donald Duck Lucas Bolton
Tunisian King A Bug's Life CookieNaval
Lucas Bolton 102 Dalmatians CookieNaval
Matches Done - 6/6

Group Y

Group Rankings
Competitors Played Won Lost Points
EmperorXerg 3 2 1 5
Smudgey 3 2 1 5
DantaFanta 3 1 2 4
Kolapro 3 1 2 4
Player 1 Vs Player 2
DantaFanta The Lion King 2 Kolapro
DantaFanta Lilo and Stitch Smudgey
DantaFanta Monsters, Inc. EmperorXerg
Kolapro Donald Duck Smudgey
Kolapro Mickey Mania EmperorXerg
Smudgey Toy Story 2 EmperorXerg
Matches Done - 6/6

Group Z

Group Rankings
Competitors Played Won Lost Points
Luka 3 3 0 6
CrystalFissure 2 1 1 5*
MrGamesendy 3 1 2 4
Destabilize 2 0 2 2
Player 1 Vs Player 2
CrystalFissure Donald Duck Luka
CrystalFissure A Bug's Life MrGamesendy
CrystalFissure Not Done* Destabilize
Luka Monster Inc, 102 Dalmatians MrGamesendy
Luka Toy Story 3 Destabilize
MrGamesendy Toy Story 2 Destabilize
Matches Done - 5/6

*Destablized dropped out before completing all his matches, giving CrystalFissure a walkover win.

Round 2 Sudden Death

3rd placers and 4th placers of the Round 1 groups are paired in 6 1v1 matches, with the winner advancing to the Round 2 Revival, and the loser being eliminated.

Player 1 Vs Player 2
Spyro Jonathan Monsters, Inc. Daniel Davidson
MeteoraGirl Treasure Planet DingoCrash*
PrettyPrincessKitty Toy Story Racer Marcus Terry-Bedford
Noel McDavid Atlantis Keyford
Skater6453 Toy Story 2 Stephaski27
James Jones** Toy Story Racer Cotote
Matches Done - 6/6

*DingoCrash dropped out due to personal reasons and did not submit any footage for the run as a result.

**EP dropped out and was replaced by James Jones

Round 2 Revival

The winners of the Round 2 Sudden Death matches are paired into 3 1v1 matches, with the winner advancing to the 2nd Chance 3-Way Matches, and the loser being eliminated.

Player 1 Vs Player 2
SpyroJonathan Tarzan MeteoraGirl
PrettyPrincessKitty Monsters Inc Noel McDavid
Skater6453 Lilo and Stitch Cotote
Matches Done - 3/3


1st placers and 2nd placers of the Round 2 groups are paired in 3 1v1 matches, with the winner advancing to the Grand Final, and the loser moving to the 2nd Chance Round.

Player 1 Vs Player 2
Tunisian King Donald Duck [1]

Bug's life [2]

102 Dalmatians [3]

CrystalFissure Monsters, Inc. Scare Island [1]

Toy Story 2 [2]

Luka 102 Dalmatians [1]

Toy Story 2 [2]

Monsters, Inc. Scare Island [3]

Matches Done - 3/3

2nd Chance 3-Way Matches

3rd placers and 4th placers of the Round 2 groups and the winners of the Round 2 Revival matches are paired in 3 3-Way matches, with the winner advancing to the 2nd-Chance Round and the losers being eliminated

2nd Chance 3-Way Match
MrGamesendy 1st
Spyro Jonathan 2nd
DarkLizzard 3rd
102 Dalmatians
2nd Chance 3-Way Match
Cotote* 1st
Kolapro 2nd
PrettyPrincessKitty 3rd
102 Dalmatians

*Lucas Bolton dropped out and was replaced by Cotote

2nd Chance 3-Way Match
DantaFanta 1st
Noel McDavid 2nd
Skater6453 3rd
102 Dalmatians

*Destabilized was replaced by Noel

Final Chance Threesome

The winners of the 2nd Chance 3-way matches face each other one last 3-way, with the winner moving onto the Final Chance Foursome, and the losers being eliminated.

Final Chance Threesome
DantaFanta 1st
Cotote 2nd
MrGamesendy 3rd

Final Chance Foursome

The winner of the Final Chance Threesome face off with the Semi Final losers in a 4-Way match to determine who claims the final spot in the Grand Final.

Final Chance Foursome
Smudgey 1st
DantaFanta 2nd
CookieNaval 3rd
CrystalFissure 4th
Donald Duck: Goin' Quackers

Grand Final

Luka won the first two matches, which were Tarzan and Monsters Inc, whilst EmperorXerg won the final match with Luka coming 3rd. This put Luka on 10 points, EmperorXerg on 9 and Smudgee on 8. Originally, the winner of the match was planned to face the winner of WCC2, Kolapro, for the World Speedrunning Championship. However, it was decided in mid-January of 2021 that Luka would take the championship without having to first defeat Kolapro in a match.


Competitors Points Position
EmperorXerg 10 Gold.png
Luka 8 Silver.png
TK 4 4th

Grand Final matches

Part 1 - Tarzan
Competitors Result
Luka Gold.png
Smudgey Silver.png
EmperorXerg Bronze.png
TK 4th
Part 2 - Monsters, Inc.
Competitors Result
EmperorXerg Gold.png
Luka Silver.png
Smudgey Bronze.png
TK 4th

*Due to EmperorXerg marking his last goal first he gets the victory in Monsters, Inc.

Part 3 - Toy Story 2
Competitors Result
EmperorXerg Gold.png
Smudgey Silver.png
TK Bronze.png
Luka 4th

*Due to Luka missmarking a goal in Toy Story 2 him and TK got 12 goals each but because TK got his last goal before Luka TK is 3rd of that race and Luka 4th.