IAS? Te1°n!

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IAS? Te1°n!
"the lack of furry bait is one of Toy Story 2 few downsides" - Zaydskate
Series I'm A Speedrunner
Status Done
Held on


Host(s) Cotote
Players 12
Dates December 12, 2019 - April 24, 2020
Winner Gold.png MuddyMaestro
Runner-up Silver.png Zaydskate
Third place Bronze.png Cotote
Fourth place CrystalFissure
IAS Invitational Tournament
WCC SSIcon.png WCC2

IAS? Te1°n! was a Toy Story 2 Tournament held from December 12, 2019 till April 24th 2020. It was intended to celebrate 10 years since the beginning of the I'm A Speedrunner Tournaments, hence its namesake. The theme was originally of games released in 1999, with there to be 4 "mini-tournaments". The first 3 mini-tournaments were to be based around one game, followed by a wildcard tournament where competitors can play any 1999 game. The tournament's theme being based on a particular year of games is similar to IAS? Nein!, which had the theme of 1998; hence the similar tournament names. However, soon after the tournament started, the host, Cotote, announced the tournament would only be for the first "mini-tournament" game, which was Toy Story 2. The winner of this tournament would be declared the World Speedrunning Championship title.


IAS? Te1°n! (Then called IAS? Tein!) was a speedrun tournament originally intended to hosted by Ratchet5 in late 2015 and was a sequel to IAS? Nein!, a spinoff from the I'm A Speedrunner series. It was to be similar to IAS? Nein! with the theme based around 1999 and games released that year. Ratchet5 would been the sole host and decision-maker, was intended to be not composed of as many Shaggin' Wagons or as complicated as a structure.

Soon after the wiki page for the tournament was created, it was scrapped in favor of Running in the Past. The tournament was later brought back in December 2019 by Ratchet5.

Current Progress

  • The tournament was initially announced on December 6, 2019 and the first mini-tournament started on December 12, 2019
    • TS2 Round 1 began on December 12, 2019 and was planned to end on December 24, 2019. However, due to lack of matches, the deadline has been extended.
    • TS2 Round 2 is planned to be delayed until mid January 2020.
    • TS2 Round 1 finally ended on March 19, 2020, about 3 months later.
  • The game for the second mini-tournament was to be announced initially on December 19, 2019 but was delayed in favor of uploading majority of matches for TS2 Round 1.
  • At some point during Round 1, Cotote announced that IAS? Te1°n! will be solely a Toy Story 2 tournament due to lack of momentum, discarding the mini-tournament idea entirely.
  • Round 2 started on March 19, 2020 and ended on April 7, 2020.

Special Rules

All tournaments that are part of this event uses rules from the General Rules as well as the following rules specific to them listed below.

Compulsory games

Competitors must be able to play Toy Story 2 (PS1, N64, PC) in order to compete. The PS1 version is prioritised. No other games can be played in the tournament.

Participating Players

Player Tournament Appearance Last Appearance Previous Best Performance WSC Consecutive Streak
Ireland-16.png Al Molloy 9th RIP: Resurrected 1st Place 1
Australia-16.png Cotote 16th WCC 2nd Place 16
Australia-16.png CrystalFissure 14th RIP: Resurrected 1st Place 1
UnitedKingdom-16.png DantaFanta 2nd DR-WC Round 2 1
Australia-16.png Fromond 12th DR-WC Round 2 1
UnitedStates-16.png Grapebuy789 2nd RIP: Resurrected Knockout Stage 1
UnitedKingdom-16.png KingEurope1 16th WCC Semi-Final 16
Ireland-16.png MrGamesendy 8th DR-WC 5th Place 1
Canada-16.png MuddyMaestro 8th IAS Invitational 2nd Place 1
Estonia-16.png Playsihull 9th WCC 3rd Place 3
UnitedKingdom-16.png Zaydskate 6th DR-WC 2nd Place 1

Round 1

In Round 1, competitors are placed into groups and face each other to win points in order to be the top ranking of their group. The ones with the highest rank in their group will move onto the next Round.

Group A

Competitors Played Won Lost Points
MuddyMaestro 2 2 0 4
*Fromond 1 0 1 1
*Grapebuy789 1 0 1 1
*Al Molloy 1 0 1 1
Player 1 Vs Player 2
MuddyMaestro Video Grapebuy987
MuddyMaestro Video Fromond
MuddyMaestro Video Al Molloy
Grapebuy987 Fromond
Grapebuy987 Al Molloy
Fromond Al Molloy
Matches Done - 2/6

*- Fromond dropped out due to having no internet access, Al for inactivity, and Grapebuy due to personal reasons. This leaves MuddyMaestro the sole winner of this group.

Group B

Competitors Played Won Lost Points
MrGamesendy 2 2 0 4
Zaydskate 2 1 1 3
Mowmowclub2 2 0 2 2
*KingEurope1 0 0 0 0
Player 1 Vs Player 2
MrGamesendy Video Zaydskate
MrGamesendy KingEurope1
MrGamesendy Video Mowmowclub2
Zaydskate KingEurope1
Zaydskate Video Mowmowclub2
KingEurope1 Mowmowclub2
Matches Done - 3/6

*- KingEurope1 did not do a single match before the deadline, therefor was eliminated due to inactivity.

Group C

Competitors Played Won Lost Points
CrystalFissure 3 3 0 6
playsihull 3 2 1 5
Cotote 3 1 2 4
DantaFanta 3 0 3 3
Player 1 Vs Player 2
CrystalFissure Video Cotote
CrystalFissure Video playsihull
CrystalFissure Video DantaFanta
Cotote Video playsihull
Cotote Video DantaFanta
playsihull Video DantaFanta
Matches Done - 6/6

Round 2

In Round 2, the winners of Round 1 face against each other in 1v1 elimination matches. The winners will move on to the Grand Final.

Player 1 Vs Player 2
MuddyMaestro Video playsihull
CrystalFissure Video Zaydskate
MrGamesendy Video Cotote
Matches Done - 3/3

*- Cotote is the replacement for Runner-Up of Group A, as all other Round 1 competitors had dropped out or had gone inactive, except for Danta Fanta, who finished 4th in Cotote's group.

Second Chance Match

The losers of Round 2 will face each other for one last shot for the Grand Final in a 3-way match.

Round 2 Second Chance
Zaydskate Won
MrGamesendy Lost
playsihull Lost

Grand Final

Competitors Result
MuddyMaestro Gold.png
Zaydskate Silver.png
Ratchet5 Bronze.png
CrystalFissure 4