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Real Name James
Country UnitedKingdom-24.png United Kingdom
Tournament History IAS 2
Best Outcome Quarter-Final
Contact info

James2667 is a speedrunner who was one of the earliest members of the SpyroSpeedruns community. He entered 4 of the first 5 tournaments, but only actually competed in I'm A Speedrunner 2.

Participation in I'm A Speedrunner 2

James2667's first and most successful IAS tournament was I'm A Speedrunner 2. He was drawn into Group A, along with MusicGenerator, SONICKINGDOMHEARTS (who would later be replaced by ImNotADoctor5) and MrFinlandBoy. His first match was a race to beat Upstream in Crash 1 with FinlandBoy. It did not go too badly for James, but the end result was FinlandBoy winning the match and taking the 3 points.

In James' second match against MusicGenerator, James seemed to be losing once again, but MusicGenerator's emulator was running slightly slow, and James managed to catch up and win the match by a few seconds. This was a race to beat Rolling Stones in Crash 1.

James' final match put him up against IAS 1 veteran ImNotADoctor5. They did another Crash 1 speedrun (making all speedruns James did in Round 1 Crash 1), in a race to beat Papu Papu. Surprisingly, this was another close match, but James just managed to secure a victory, and finished his Round 1 matches with a sturdy 7 points. Had the other 3 people in his Group completed all of their matches, James would have probably been second in the Group, but as they did not, he was the top scoring person in Group A.

As such, in Round 2 he was pitted up against Group B's second place, Yogamoanyo. They did a terribly out of sync race to beat Dingodile with 2 gems, in Crash 3. They seemed to be neck in neck for the majority of the speedrun, but then James had a lot of trouble with the Hog Ride level in the second warp room, and therefore ended his run in IAS 2, with Yogamoanyo coming out on top. He was entered in a Draw to be put back into the tournament for Round 3, but he did not win this.


Tournament Matches Played Matches Won Matches Lost Win % Outcome
IAS 2 4 2 2 50 % Quarter-Final
Total 4 2 2 50 %