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Real Name Vukašin
Country Serbia-24.png Serbia
Tournament History RIP: Resurrected, DR-WC, CBWCC, CBWCC 2, Disney Dash, WBB1, DBD1, WBB2, WBB3, DBD2, BBBB, RRBO, RRBO line, RRBO snake, RRBO duo, RRBO ffa, WBB4, Disney Dash 2
Best Outcome Gold.png WCC2, DBD2, RRBO snake
Contact info

Kolapro is the second speedrunner from Serbia. He is also the second youngest competitor ever, being 15 as of 2017. He came in as a replacement in RIP: Resurrected and showed great skill managing to get to the semi finals.He went on to join in Dragon Racing-World Cup. He wasn't going to join because he never played the original Spyro games but he ended up joining since he got pretty good in 2 weeks prior to the start of the tournament. He went on to co-host Crash Bandicoot Wumpa Classic Championship along with Ratchet5, Lopsa, Dessertmonkeyjk while being the initiator of the tournament.

After that he hosted Crash Bandicoot Wumpa Classic Championship 2 along with Cotote and Dessertmonkeyjk .

Participation in R.I.P Resurrected

Kolapro replaced MrFraserFilms2009 and joined Group F. He managed to beat leoalex50 in a Crash 2 race to get 6 gems and beat Ripper Roo. He then did a race in Crash 2 against Trob to beat Komodo Bros with 10 gems. Unfortunately for him he lost the race. But because Marshy quit he was the 2nd place in his group and he moved on to the quarter finals

In the quarter finals he was super unlucky to race Hypnoshark in a Crash 3 race to get 7 gems 6 relics and to defeat N.Tropy which he lost and moved to the losers brackets.

In the losers brackets, he went up against grapebuy789 and they did a race in Crash 2 to beat tiny which Kolapro easily won making him pass to match 2.

In match 2, he raced Xindictive in a Crash 2 race to get the purple gem making Xindictive rage by winning which isn't something new.

In the finals losers brackets match, he raced Lopsa in a Crash 1 race to get the green gem which was really close but Kolapro chocked at the end of the race which was the deciding moment of it.

Kolapro went into the semi-finals anyways since CrystalFissure quit and there was one spot needed, he chocked at the beginning of the race against Playsihull to get all of the colored gems in Crash 2 which made him lose his motivation and basically throw the match.

Participation in Dragon Racing World Cup

He seeded in Tier 2 in 1st place because Caitelady sniped the spot from Yeswally1 which resulted in him dropping to Tier 2. He lost his motivation and was sad but regained it once the tournament started. He didn't have his hopes up since he just started playing Spyro. He was drawn into Group H when his balloon hit Lyles booty with Dingoosh, Ghostie and Artuks.

Dingoosh dropped out tho because he was offended but was replaced with Newantox.

He won his match against Artuks in a Spyro 1 race to get 23 dragons, 2 eggs and defeat Toasty and Doctor Shemp. He went on to race Ghostie in a Spyro 2 race to get 6 talismans and 8 orbs which he easily won.

After his 2 victories, he did a match with Newantox which was a Spyro 3 race to get 15 sunrise eggs, 1 buzz egg, 10 midday eggs,the race was pretty close but Newantox managed to beat him making him the 2nd place in his group

He was drawn up against Baronzef in Round 2, the majority thought that he will beat him in a Spyro 1 race to get all eggs, 100% 1 level in Magic Crafters and 100% 1 level in Beast Makers but he ended up losing and going to the 2nd chance matches.

In the 2nd chance matches he easily won against Martyste in a Spyro 2 race to get as many orbs as possible in 35 mins using a save state that has all homeworlds unlocked..

After that he ended up in a 3 way against Zaydskate and Ratchet5. He came 2nd in a Spyro 2 race to collect 21 orbs, 10 talismans and 2222 gems (paying moneybags does not reduce your gem counter). The match eliminated him

Kolapro did the Round 3 draw with Ratchet5 and Gabe's shenanigans and he also helped Ratchet sort out the pickems points in various pickems rounds.

Kolapro ended up being 2nd in the pickems after MrGamesendy who became the International King of Crass.

Participation and co-Hosting Crash Bandicoot Wumpa Classic Championship(CBWCC)

Kolapro wanted a Crash Bandicoot tournament so much that he convinced Ratchet5 to do it only if he would Co-Host it with him.The tournament was scheduled to start at the 7th November of 2018 and the seeding for the 1st but since Ratchet5s absence the tournament start was moved to the 14th February of 2019 on the valentines day and the seeding on the 1st. So far he did a lot of work as his co-host role one of them being doing the Round 1 draw and doing a funny video on CBWCC channel.

Kolapro had the best seed times in all of the crash games and for his partner he chose leoalex50 as he wanted a rematch from R.I.P Resurrected but this time in CTR.

Kolapro was drawn into Group E with Ryano292, Leoalex50 and Fraser. Fraser was replaced with gNightrow

He did a Crash Bandicoot 1 NST run against Ryano292 to get 40 lives, 3 gems and beat Ripper Roo. Despite his PC freezing and needing to redo the run, he managed to win the race.

Kolapro raced Leoalex50 in an exciting Crash team racing race it was the rematch Leoalex50 was looking forward too,and Cotote struggled to restream it. The goal was to beat ripper Roo and get 2 CTR tokens. He won it.

He did a Crash Bandicoot: Warped run against gNightrow and the goal was to get as many relics, gems and crystals possible in 20 minutes each is 1 point. He won the race acing his group.

After the group round,he ended up in the Winners Group U,along with Baronzef and Crashing Snake

He did his race against Crashing Snake,it was a Crash Bash race to beat Bearminator (9 Trophies,6 gems and 3 crystals) . It was a very close race but he pulled through and won!

After that win,he decided to play it safe and play Crash 2 PS1 with Baronzef, it was a race get 3 gems from first three warp rooms + beat Tiny. He won the race, granting him the entrance to the semi-finals.

In the Semi-Finals he was drown against TOTOzigemm,Abdul and Crashing Snake.

Kolapro and TOTOzigemm did a Crash Bandicoot 2 race to Beat N.Gin and he won the race. It was a very good race between two good competitors.

After that he raced Abdul in Crash 3 the objective was get all color gems, gem from color gem route in Bug Lite, and Beat Cortex. Abdul won the race being the first one to beat Kola who was until then undefeated.

The last race he did was against Crashing Snake in N.Sane Trilogy's version of Crash 1 and the goal was to beat Pinstripe. Crashing Snake managed to win eliminating Kolapro...or so Kolapro thought.

Crashing Snake dropped out of the tournament and Abdul was supposed to fill in his spot, but Kolapro got him to do a rematch and surprisingly he won in the same goal and same game, being Crash 3

After that he got into the Grand Finals against SalamanceMaster1,TOTOzigemm and Lopsa, they did a Crash trilogy Bingo race with a 2 hour cap to decide the winner of the tournament, unfortunately for Kola there was no prep time and he wasn't familiar with Bingo

so he ended up 4th in the tournament.

In the 2nd Ever INTERNATIONAL KING OF CRASS, Kolapro was second.

Participation and hosting Wumpa Classic Championship 2

Round 1 Group Stage

Kolapro decided to host a Crash Bandicoot tournament, first he thought he would do it alone, but then Cotote wanted to co-Host along with him, and they also asked DessertMonkeyjJK to co-host as well, which to he agreed. The tournament was announced on 26th June of 2020.

Seeding started and ended with the beginning of the tournament. Tournament began on 7th July of 2020 with 30 competitors.

Kolapro got seeded into group F, he was drawn with Abdul, DantaFanta, DrMonkeyman, KingDeDeDe (who got replaced by dessertmonkeyjk)

Kola did a meme match with Abdul in Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure to get 3 relics (Gold or above), get 2 gems and beat Dingodile, Abdul won and it ended up being the shortest race in the tournament, being just 10 minutes long for the original goal.

He faced of against Danta in a meme Crash Bash race to all trophies & gems in warp room 1, he ended up winning it.

He beat DrMonkeyman in a funny crash 3 race starting in warp room 4, get the blue gem and 4 clear gems, then defeat N. Gin., where they both did a level they weren't supposed to do.

In quite a challenging race of Crash 1 against dessertmonkeyjk to get all of the coloured gems where his controller disconnected but he managed to get the win. He finished 2nd in the group.

Round 2 Sudden Death

He matched against the legendary TooneySA in crash 2 to beat N. Gin, Tooney lost and got eliminated.

Quarter-Final Groups

Kolapro got drawn with DarkLizzard and playsihull

He beat DarkLizzard in a very close Crash Bash match to all trophies, gems & crystals in the first 2 warp rooms, where it was neck and neck for a long time but he managed to slip ahead and get the dub.

In an epic rematch in crash 2 to 100% warp room 4 he beat playsihull managing to get the avenge for playsihull beating him in RIP: Ressurected


In the semis Kolapro drew the one and only Ratchet5 aka Cotote aka Albatross. Cotote tried to do pog strat and got Kola to play 3 different versions of bingo, in a best out of 3 Kolapro won 2 of them being Crash 2, a snake "Plus" lockout timed bingo and crash 1, timed non-lockout bingo.

Cotote won in the Crash Bandicoot: Warped race in timed draft bingo, which was a big suprise but since Kola chocked in tell no tails, he lost

Grand Finals

The Grand Finals.. Abdul, TOTOZigemm, Averso and Kolapro

Crash 100%

Crash 2 any%

Crash 3 any%

Kolapro won the tournament, being the 17th World Speedrunning champion

Participation and hosting in Disney Dash


In the second half of the tournament, Kolapro became a temporary host for Disney Dash, at first to replace Lucas Bolton so he could get better, but a few weeks later the team decided to make him a permanent host.

He helped out with restreaming and editing races, as well as making certain decisions.


Kolapro ended up a tier 1 seed in Donald Duck: Quack Attack.

Round 1

He ended up in group A with MrGamesendy, DingoCrash (who replaced Nintendogen64), EP and Alice Clarke .

He raced EP in Disney World Quest: Magical Racing Tour, to finish as much levels as possible in 20 minutes, he got a pretty easy W.

He raced Alice Clarke in a game that became a meme for his reputation, Disney's Atlantis: The Lost Empire, in a race to collect all Atlantis letters and a green crystal in the first two levels, then finish the third level. He won comfortably as he was very good at the game.

Kolapro raced MrGameSendy in Aladdin : Nasira's Revenge, to get to Sultan's Palace, it was a pretty close race but Kolapro managed to win yet again.

In his last race, he raced a returning player, DingoCrash, in a Toy Story 2 : Buzz Lightyear to the rescue, in a race to beat Slime Time with max 3 tokens per level. He won that race as well and managed to sweep the group!

Round 2

Kolapro got drawn into Group Y, along with DantaFanta, Smudgey and EmperorXerg.

Kola did a meme game of Mickey Mania with EmperorXerg, just to get as far as possible on easy difficulty in 30 minutes. He suprisingly managed to pull out a victory.

A very very close and epic race between DantaFanta and Kolapro in Disney's The Lion King II - Simba's Mighty Adventure, to eat Zira and get all the letters in every 2nd level. He just barely lost. This race ended up being his demise.

His final race with Smudgey went bad after world 3, because he underestimated him. The game was Donald Duck: Goin 'quackers, starting from world 2, get as many nephew toys as possible in 35 minutes. He lost it which eliminated him from the main bracket.

2nd Chance 3-Way Matches

Kolapro got his 2nd chance to come back in a threeway race in 102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the rescue! Against Cotote and PrettyPrincessKitty. Race to get 50 bones and 5 puppies in 5 different levels (10 in total). He lost to Cotote bc he tried hard, and he was eliminated.

Fun facts about this race are that it had the intro of one of Kola's songs and it was also rendered in 4K 60fps to honor COOLPRO195.

Participation and hosting of Wumpin' Bingo Bash and Disney Bingo Dash

The Idea

Cotote, TK and Kolapro wanted to have a small like event that would last for a day, or a couple of days so it would still be fun but wouldn't go too long. They came up with the idea of Wumpin' Bingo Bash, an event that involves bingo.

For the Disney Bingo Dash, the idea was the same except it involves around Disney PS1 games.

Wumpin' Bingo Bash 1

Kolapro teamed with KingPez from Australia under the name "The Duckstation Ducklings"

Group Y

The Duckstation Ducklings faced team Last Minute and team The Owners, they won both matches.

Grand Finals

In the finals they faced the team Green Pants and they lost to them 15-10, which means they finished 2nd.

Disney Bingo Dash 1

Kolapro teamed with MonsiuerALG and they faced Cotote & Rexy as well as team DarkKings twice, they lost all of their matches.

Match 1 with Cotote & Rexy

Match 2 with Cotote & Rexy

Match 1 with team DarkKings

Match 2 with team DarkKings

Wumpin' Bingo Bash 2


Tournament Matches Played Matches Won Matches Lost Win % Outcome
RIP: Resurrected 7 3 4 42.86 % Semi-Final
Dragon Racing-World Cup 6 3 3 50 % Quarter-Final
WCC 10 7 3 70 % 4th Place
WCC 2 13 11 2 84.62 % Gold.png
Disney Dash 8 5 3 62.5 % Semi-Final
Wumpin' Bingo Bash 1 3 2 1 66.67 % Silver.png
Disney Bingo Dash 1 4 0 4 0 % 3rd place
Wumpin' Bingo Bash 2 4 1 3 25 % 4th Place
Wumpin' Bingo Bash 3 3 2 1 66.67 % Silver.png
Disney Bingo Dash 2 3 3 0 100 % Gold.png
Bugs Bunny Bingo Beatoff 2 1 1 50 % Silver.png
RRBO one line Bingo 3 2 1 66.67 % Bronze.png
RRBO snake Bingo 2 2 0 100 % Gold.png
RRBO duos Bingo 3 2 1 66.67 % Silver.png
RRBO ffa Bingo 1 0 1 0 % Bronze.png
Ripto's Rage BingOlympics 9 6 3 66.67 % Silver.png
Wumpin' Bingo Bash 4 3 2 1 66.67 % Bronze.png
Disney Dash 2 6 3 3 50 % Bronze.png
Total 81 49 32 60.49 % Gold.png

Championship Statistics


# Championship Partner Reign Date Days held Event
1 World Speedrunning Championship N/A 1 September 30, 2020 88 Wumpa Classic Championship 2
2 International King of Crass N/A 1 February 13, 2021 89 Tie Breaker match
3 Intercontinental Duos Championship Italisian 1 May 19, 2021 70 Disney Bingo Dash 2

Combined Reigns

# Championship No. of reigns Combined defenses Successful defenses Combined days
1 World Speedrunning Championship 1 1 0 88
2 International King of Crass 1 1 0 89
3 Intercontinental Duos Championship 1 2 1 70

Intercontinental Duos Championship Defenses

Champion Vs Challenger Game Date
Italisian & Kolapro 13-11 Rexy & MonsieurALG Toy Story 2 & Bugs Bunny Lost in time July 13, 2021
Kolapro 11-14 DarkLizzard Crash 3 July 28, 2021

International King of Crass Championship Defenses

Challenger Vs Champion Game Date
TK 13-7 Kolapro Spyro 2 May 13, 2021