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Founded by Mrthingus
Created on January 21, 2011

Welcome to RIPTO! This wiki is about the long history of video game tournaments hosted by members of the SpyroSpeedruns community. We are currently aiming to create a thorough and informative guide to all competitors, tournaments/events, matches parodies, and other subjects associated with the I'm A Speedrunner, RIP, and other tournaments series.

The wiki was founded in the early stages of 2011 just after I'm a Speedrunner 3, by none other than a user known as Mrthingus. At first it didn't really make much of an impact but when IAS 4 got started, the wiki was visited by a few keen editors and things started to pick up.

The wiki was originally hosted on Wikia and has been there for about 8 years. Sometime in mid 2018, plans were put in motion to start moving it to another host which allowed for more flexibility and much desired screen real estate to display articles. You may still see some remnants from when the wiki was on Wikia but things are slowly evolving to fit into it's new home.

We still don't get very many editors, but people are starting to become more aware of the wiki's existence now, and we can only encourage you to contribute as much as you can, whether it be writing up a full article, adding an image, or even correcting a few spelling mistakes. Anything helps!

Check out the community portal for information about how you can help contribute to this wiki.