RIP 2 Fast 2 Reptilius

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RIP 2 Fast 2 Reptilius
Series Running in the Past
Status On Hold
Held on

RIP 2 - Youtube

RIPTOStream - Twitch
Host(s) Cotote
Players ?
Dates TBD - TBD
Winner Gold.png TBD
Runner-up Silver.png TBD
Third place TBD
WCC SSIcon.png N/A

RIP 2 Fast 2 Reptilius is a postponed tournament which was intended to be the 2nd in the Running in the Past tournament series. RIP 2 was to be themed around the Croc franchise of games released on the PS1, Sega Saturn, PC, and mobile. The last time Croc had been in a tournament was back in IAS 9 which was themed around the developer who created initial games in the franchise in the first place, Argonaut Games.


  • The tournament was announced on July 1st, 2019 and sign-ups were underway. The tournament was planned to start on July 5th but was delayed to July 11th due to a lack of sign-ups.
  • Due to low amount of sign-ups, the tournament has been put on hiatus.

Special Rules

This tournament uses rules from the General Rules as well as the following rules specific to this tournament listed below.


RIP 2 is a stream-only tournament, similar to Wumpa Classic Championship, where competitors are expected to be able to livestream their gameplay to either Twitch or YouTube during their matches. Competitors will coordinate with dedicated "restreamers" who will take their livestream footage and broadcast it onto RIPTOStream's Twitch channel. Feel free to ask on the Discord for help on this.

Compulsory games

For this tournament, competitors are expected to be able to play Croc: Legend of the Gobbos (PS1, PC) in order to compete. Competitors can play any other games in the Croc franchise if all competitors for a match own it and agree to it.

Method of Play

Due to significant difference with some games being on multiple platforms, it is highly recommended competitors play on the same platform (PC, PS1, Sega Saturn) to ensure fair play.

For Croc: Legend of the Gobbos and Croc 2 specifically, loads times are much faster on PC then on their console counterparts (roughly 8 second load time on console).

For this reason, competitors are not allowed to play on PC against competitors on console in a match such as PS1 vs PC. Console emulation does not count as playing the PC version of the game.

Participating Players

Player Tournament Appearance Last Appearance Previous Best Performance Consecutive Streak
? ? ? ? ?


Round 1

Group A

Group Rankings
Competitors Played Won Lost Points
Player A1
Player A2
Player A3
Player A4
Player 1 Vs Player 2
Player A1 Player A2
Player A1 Player A3
Player A1 Player A4
Player A2 Player A3
Player A2 Player A4
Player A3 Player A4
Matches Done - 0/6

Grand Final

Grand Final
Competitors Result
Player A2 Gold.png
Player A3 Silver.png
Player A4 Bronze.png
Player A1 4