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Rexy at London Tower Bridge.jpg
Real Name N/A
Country UnitedKingdom-16.png United Kingdom
Tournament History WBB1, DBD1, WBB2, WBB3, DBD2, BBBB, RRBO, RRBO line, RRBO snake, RRBO duo, RRBO ffa, WBB4, Disney Dash 2
Best Outcome Gold.png 1st Place (WBB1, WBB2, BBBB)
Contact info

Rexy is a speedrunner from the United Kingdom. Her first appearance was in Wumpin' Bingo Bash 1 and is a very active member. She joined every other tournament since.

Online, she is more known as a musician in the VGM remix scene, and as of 2020 has roles as a show host at RadioSEGA and as a part of the OverClocked Remix Judges' Panel. Her involvement with the community was thanks to word of mouth from Abdul TheArabicGuy, leading into her debut tournament in WBB1.

At the age of 34 years and 183 days, she became the oldest debut runner, and by extension the oldest champion when she and Abdul won WBB1 2 days later. After winning the Bugs Bunny Bingo Beatoff with MonsieurALG, she extended her record as the oldest tournament winner at 34 years and 330 days.

Participation in Wumpin' Bingo Bash 1

The first Wumpin' Bingo Bash tournament was a 2v2 Bingo Lockout in Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back. After much thought, she decided to take part based on doing "something different" with a Crash game. She was paired with Abdul, their team being known as the Green Pants - based on their allocated pants color in all of their matches.

They were drawn into group X with DarkBetas (DarkLizzard and Betas Bandicoot) and a nameless team with Antonio and Playsihull.

They defeated DarkBetas handily in the first round 1 race.

Antonio and Playsihull were also defeated in the second race, but by a one goal gap and the board getting finished with just seconds to spare. In this match, Rexy thought she was meant to hold the triangle button when using the warp room platform to face Neo Cortex, and thus went back to the title screen mid-ascent. The organizers decided to let her keep the completed goal (Night Fight Death Route gem and defeat Cortex) as all she lost was time.

Finishing first in the group, they went on to face and defeat the DuckStation Ducklings (Kolapro and Kingpez) for the initial claim to the Intercontinental Duos Championship.

Participation in Disney Bingo Dash 1

The next 2v2 Bingo Lockout was for 102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue, a game that Rexy had never played before. After much clarification on how title defence worked, Cotote encouraged her to participate and team up with him.

The tourney was 1 group of 3 teams in which every team has to face the other 2 twice. They won twice against Kola and MonsieurALG, but lost twice against DarkKings (Italisian and DarkLizzard).

Abdul got reached out to for a potential title defence match, but he chose to decline. Knowing that facing Lizzard in Crash 2 and Italisian in 102 Dalmatians would end in a bloodbath, she forfeited the Intercontinental Duos Championship title over to them.

Participation in Wumpin' Bingo Bash 2

The next month that followed was a 2v2 Bingo Lockout tournament for Spyro the Dragon, bringing her back to familiar gaming territory. For the second time in a row, she got paired with another Australian member, ThePsychicGaymer - running together as Psychosaurus Rex.

The tourney was 1 group of 5 teams in which every team has to face the other once.

They defeated every single team, but not without non-game hurdles:

  • Against DarkKings, Rexy lost her internet connection and completed a goal in Arctic Ridge while trying to restore it, a goal that the organizers decide to leave void.
  • The Butterfly Jars (Kola and Elvisman2000) mismarked a goal relating to kissing superflame fairies, transferring it over to their side at the end.
  • The Problematic Gamblers (Cotote and Kingpez) could've won their game if Cotote was able to remember which level had what dragons that said "thank you for releasing me" upon getting rescued - a mismark passed over at the end of the game due to mistakenly thinking there was one in Terrace Village.
  • Similarly, Meet and Defeat (Playsihull and CookiesOnToast) also could've defeated them if Playsihull actually got through the end level vortex in Jacques. As he didn't ELV every level in Dream Weavers, that was also declared as a mismark and passed over at the end of the game.

Unfortunately, ThePsychicGaymer chose to leave the community between WBB2 and WBB3, preventing a title match from happening.

Participation in Wumpin' Bingo Bash 3

For the 2v2 Bingo Lockout tournament in the N. Sane Trilogy version of Crash Bandicoot, she and Abdul paired up again and retained their name of the Green Pants even though Crash's model stayed unchanged. They were drawn into Group Y with Double Choc (Lizzard and CookieNaval) and the Prototypes (Betas and Soshiplayz).

They faced defeat at the hands of Double Choc, but faced a bigger issue with the Prototypes. On the original scheduled day, Soshi fell sick and was unable to race, leaving them to reschedule for another time where all competitors can meet. On the second attempt, Betas never arrived at all, leaving Soshi to forfeit on his team's behalf.

This placed them in the 3rd place playoff against I'm A Speedrunners (Cotote and Playsihull), a match that also ended close in their favor - and also had Rexy grab the box gem in Stormy Ascent for the first time in three years!

Participation in Disney Bingo Dash 2

The second Disney 2v2 Bingo Lockout tournament was in Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue, of which she at least played the PS1 demo. Knowing that she had become a quick learner, she signed up and got matched with Playsihull, racing together as Play Date.

The tourney was 1 group of 4 teams in which every team has to face the other.

They faced a bloodbath loss against Dinar Kingpros (Italisian and Kola), but turned around their goal difference quickly against Double Choc and Muppet Race Maniacs (Cotote and Elvisman), securing 2nd place and Playsihull's best tournament finish to date.

Participation in Retro Relay Championship

Retro Relay Championship was a relay race in Donald Duck: Goin' Quackers between 2 teams. Rexy got placed in Kola's team along with Moo and polowogs, while Italisian commanded Gangster, SkeletKasket and Lizzard.

Despite a valiant fight in WR3 against Skelet with his speedrunning experience, Italisian's team went on to win the race.

Participation in Bugs Bunny Bingo Beatoff

The next 2v2 Bingo Lockout game was for Bugs Bunny: Lost in Time, which again she at least played the PS1 demo. This time, she got matched with MonsieurALG in his second bingo lockout appearance.

The tourney was 1 group of 3 teams in which every team has to face the other.

No match finished with all goals marked, but they defeated both Dinar Kingpros and the pairing of Cotote and Rubinho, securing tournament victory.

They went on to challenge Dinar Kingpros to the Intercontinential Duos Championship in a combined Bingo Lockout for this game and Toy Story 2, but lost against them after a close match.

Participation in Ripto's Rage BingOlympics

Coinciding with the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, the Ripto's Race BingOlympics had 4 separate Bingo events for Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage - a game Rexy had completed multiple times over but had little experience with the game's sequence breaks. She chose to represent her home country of the United Kingdom.

The person that got the most gold medals would be crowned the new World Speedrunning Championship holder.

The first event was a OneLine Bingo tourney with 8 people participating. Both her and Cotote were able to finish their choice of line within the time limit, however she fared slower and got knocked out in the first round.

The second event was a Snake Bingo tourney which had 6 people participating. In her match against Italisian and Playsihull, she finished second overall and went on to duel against Cotote in the 3rd place playoff - again, losing against him and missing out on a medal.

The third tourney was a Duos Lockout Bingo tourney - which was also for a contendership for the Intercontinental Duos Championship. She got placed with 14-year-old Australian runner Kiddeathrunner, calling themselves Kanga and Roo due to their age gap.

The tourney was a 1 group of 4 tourney so every team faced against each other.

They lost against the Duckstation Ducklings and DarkKings - now re-named to Italizzards - but succeeded against I'm a Speedrunners, securing a third place medal for both of their respective nations.

The fourth and last tourney was 1 race with an 8-person Free For All Bingo Lockout, involving everyone who participated in both the Duos and OneLine tourneys. Through cautious play, Rexy barely finished in the top half of the board - but again missed out on a medal with a 4th place finish.

Participation in Wumpin' Bingo Bash 4

Next up was a 2v2 Bingo Lockout tournament in Crash Bandicoot: Warped, of which Rexy was more skilled at running out of the entire Crash trilogy. She got matched with Vinihuebr, opting for the group name of Chillipus Rex - riffing off a food Vini often eats.

They got drawn in group B with The Arabic Guys (Betas and Gangster) and an unnamed pairing with Cotote and Antonio.

Rexy endured a lot of technical hurdles during this tournament. Since Vini was unable to stream to neither Twitch nor YouTube, she also streamed on his behalf. Audio issues on his end also hindered their communication, and blank goals appearing on the board on Vini's end also impeded their strategy. They lost against Cotote and Antonio, but re-calibrated themselves against the Arabic Guys and made their way into the third place playoffs.

That third place match was also notable for happening when most of the community was asleep, owing to scheduling difficulties between all competitors. This matchup against the Butterfly Jars ended in a close match on both sides, a fourth place finish on both teams, and Vini and Elvis offering sincere apologies for putting Rexy and Kola through a late-night run.

Participation in Disney Dash 2

After facing the thrill of learning three new Disney games in the past year, she felt keen to attempt Disney Dash 2 and maybe learn more games along the way. Interestingly, said learning started from the beginning - by getting Tier 1 in seedings through the top time in A Bug's Life. As a result, she chose to take SkeletKasket with her and got drawn into group A with ChrispyBiscuits - all three of them having never participated in DD1.

In group A, she got to race in two unfamiliar games to her. She lost against Skelet in a race for Lilo and Stitch, but pulled through against ChrispyBiscuits in Tarzan, securing 2nd place in her group.

In the Semi-Finals, she got drawn against the winner of group B, Italisian. They faced each other in a 102 Dalmatians Bingo Lockout game, and against all odds managed to win against him due to Barnyard chicken RNG. This earned her a spot in the Grand Final.

Italisian, however, won the second chance race in A Bug's Life and joined her for the grand final alongside with Kola and Lizzard. This match had 3 different 45 Non-Lockout Bingo matches, going through 102 Dalmatians, Toy Story 2 and Donald Duck: Goin' Quackers. She finished 2nd in all 3 games and placed 2nd overall.


Tournament Matches Played Matches Won Matches Lost Win % Outcome
Wumpin' Bing Bash 1 3 3 0 100 % Gold.png
Disney Bingo Dash 1 4 2 2 50 % Silver.png
Wumpin' Bingo Bash 2 4 4 0 100 % Gold.png
Wumpin' Bingo Bash 3 2 1 1 50 %
Disney Bingo Dash 2 3 2 1 66.67 %
Bugs Bunny Bingo Beatoff 2 2 0 100 %
RRBO one line Bingo 1 0 1 0 % Round 1
RRBO snake Bingo 2 0 2 0 % 4th Place
RRBO duos Bingo 3 1 2 33.33 %
RRBO ffa Bingo 1 0 1 0 % 5th Place
Ripto's Rage BingOlympics 7 1 6 14.29 % 6th Place
Wumpin' Bingo Bash 4 3 1 2 33.33 % 4th Place
Disney Dash 2 6 2 4 33.33 %
Total 34 18 16 52.94 % Gold.png

Championship Statistics


# Championship Partner Reign Date Days held Event
1 Intercontinental Duos Championship Abdul 1 February 1, 2021 21 Wumpin' Bingo Bash 1

Combined Reigns

# Championship No. of reigns Combined defenses Successful defenses Combined days
1 Intercontinental Duos Championship 1 0 0 21