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Competitor Infobox Placeholder.png
Real Name Matt
Previous Aliases ScopesThatAreQuick
Country UnitedKingdom-24.png United Kingdom
Tournament History IAS 8-9
Best Outcome Silver.png 2nd Place (IAS 8)
Contact info

TheSubpixel is a speedrunner who joined I'm A Speedrunner in the eighth iteration of the series. He managed to make it to the grand final with relative ease. He later joined IAS? Nein!, but quit the tournament after reaching Round 2.

Participation in I'm A Speedrunner 8

Subpixel was brought into Group A as a replacement for SGkieran. His first match was against MrEddy1667ful in a race to get 3 red remotes in Gex 2. Eddy won, but complications arose when he didn't know how to render his video. The match was later rendered void after Eddy moved to Group H. He then beat Yogamoanyo in Gex 2 to get 2 red remotes and 1 silver remote in Mao Tse Tongue, Bionicle2809 in Gex 2 to beat the last boss (starting the speedrun from said boss), and ShoReWol - Eddy's replacement - in Gex 2 to get 6 remotes. As a result, Subpixel won the group, to the surprise of many.

In Round 2, partook in a fairly easy match against Rickyman48 in a Gex 2 speedrun to defeat the second boss, getting all of the red remotes and hidden remotes up until that point.

Progressing to the Semi-Finals, Sub raced CrystalFissure and defeated him, in a race to get to area 4 while getting the Hidden Remote in every level that they entered, thus gaining a spot in the Grand Final.

The Grand Final, in which he raced against Nintendogen64, CrashBandiSpyro12, Heydavid17 and CrystalFissure, saw Sub lose to CrystalFissure in a race to defeat the final boss (Rez) and get 5 silver remotes along the way in a match that lasted almost 3 hours. He finished 2nd in the tournament overall.

Participation in I'm A Speedrunner 9

His most recent tournament was I'm A Speedrunner 9, which he signed up for under the alias ScopesThatAreQuick, a troll channel which Sub was not known to be the owner of. After beating KingEurope1 in Round 1, he was disqualified from the tournament due to being a troll. It's unlikely that he would have been disqualified had the hosts known that ScopesThatAreQuick was in fact TheSubpixel.


Tournament Matches Played Matches Won Matches Lost Win % Outcome
IAS 8 7 5 1 71.43 % Silver.png
IAS? Nein! 2 1 1 50 % Knockout Stage
IAS 9 2 1 1 50 % Group Stage
Total 11 7 3 63.64 %