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Void is the terminology that is used to categorize a video that is uploaded upon the YouTube of a tournament where only one of the recorded videos are shown within the video. Another case is if both sides from each competitor are present and the match in question is declared as a draw, this can also lead to the original video being void.

Reasons for void videos

  • The recording has been corrupted in some way, caused by the recording software, when downloaded from an upload service, or during the editing process.
  • The speedrunner has taken too long to submit their video to the editor and the time allowed for them to do so has passed.
  • The video was lost or otherwise not retrievable.
  • The person had raged to the point that they deleted the video or refused to send it
  • The person had accidentally forgot to record the video
  • The match in question is declared as a Draw

Points for void videos

These videos will not allow the person who was not submitted their video to receive any points. If the winner does not submit their video, it will not be treated as a win for the loser.

If the video itself was received and has ended up being corrupted and unable to be recovered, that person might still be able to still receive points, either by evidence of others who witnessed it while the match was in play, or if someone was watching the match in real life and physically saw it being played out; giving backup that the person did or did not win the speedrun.