Wumpa Classic Championship 2

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Wumpa Classic Championship 2
"Why do I live among douchebags?" - Vinihuebr
Series Running in the Past
Status Done
Held on CBWCC & RIPTOStream
Host(s) The Crash Team
Players 31
Dates July 7, 2020 - September 30, 2020
Winner Gold.png Kolapro
Runner-up Silver.png Totozigemm
Third place Bronze.png Abdul
Fourth place Averso
Fifth place MTB
IAS? Te1°n!
WCC SSIcon.png Disney Dash

Wumpa Classic Championship 2 is a Crash Bandicoot themed tournament that was held in mid 2020. The tournament like its predecessor, Wumpa Classic Championship, focuses less on races being edited and uploaded to YouTube, and instead makes streaming mandatory to enter. The tournament is hosted by 'The Crash Team', which is not an individual but a collaboration of various peoples; including Kolapro, Cotote and DessertMonkeyJK.


  • The tournament was announced by Cotote via a trailer video on June 26, 2020.
    • Sign up video has been posted and competitors have registered for the tournament.
  • Round 1 started on July 7th, 2020 and ended on July 30th, 2020 with all matches done.
  • Round 2 started on August 1st, 2020 and ended on August 19th, 2020.
  • Quarter-Finals started on August 20th and planned to end on September 6th, 2020.
  • Semi-Finals and 2nd place face-off started on September 9th and ended on September 17th, 2020.
  • Grand-Finals took place from September 26 to September 30, 2020.

Special Rules

The tournament will be following the General Rule Set unless specified otherwise.

Method of Play

Competitors may play the games by the following methods.

  • A PS1
  • A PS2 with slow disc speed (as opposed to fast disc speed)
  • ePSXe versions 1.8, 1.9 and 2.0.0
  • Mednafen and PCSXR

All other methods of play are banned. Accidentally playing with the wrong method will result in a draw time penalty. For using the wrong ePSXe version, the winner will incur a 20 second penalty per 10 minutes of the race. All of the other banned methods will incur a 1 minute penalty per 10 minutes of the race (timed when the first competitor finishes). If this penalty is enough for them to lose the race despite them finishing first, it will constitute a rematch, unless the other competitor is willing to declare themselves the loser.

Live Streaming

This is a livestream only tournament. Competitors are expected to be able to stream their game whilst competing, such as using the streaming feature on Discord. A dedicated set of users will be then restreaming competitor footage to the tournament's Twitch page. However, unlike the first WCC, whilst matches being restreamed is highly encouraged, it is not mandatory for all races to be restreamed.

If a race is not able to be restreamed, competitors must record their footage in some way while streaming (such as Twitch archiving past broadcasts). The recorded livestream must be edited after the race is completed, in order to be uploaded onto the YouTube channel.

The three options are as followed, in order of what is preferred:

  • If all competitors can use discord's stream function, and a restreamer is available, then they can stream on discord with the restreamer restreaming to twitch.
  • If there is no restreamer available but all competitors can both stream and record, then they can stream on discord and their videos are to be sent to an editor who can later edit the run
  • If there is no restreamer available and one or more competitors cannot both stream and record, then they can both stream onto twitch and spectators can use multitwitch to watch. The competitors must make sure to have twitch's archiving broadcasts option selected.

Mandatory games

The compulsory games for the tournament are the original trilogy Crash Bandicoot games for PS1. They take priority over all other Crash games. However, competitors may race each other in any Crash Bandicoot game, including any of the N. Sane Trilogy or Crash Nitro Fueled.

Round 1 goal rules

The recommended time for all Round 1 races are between 15-30 minutes. Competitors may check their goals with mods to see if they are within these parameters. If runners go ahead with a goal without checking first with a mod; the match may be declared void if the time of the race (when the first competitor finishes), is under 10 minutes, or over 45 minutes. If this occurs, a mod will give those competitors a new goal and they will have to race again with that goal.

Competitors must also make sure that their goal cannot result in a draw, which mainly happens when the goal is points based and there is no tie breaker rule that relies on a temporal factor. Competitors can check with a mod first to see if the race has a way of avoiding draws, but if they go through with the race without a tiebreaker and it ends as a draw, the race will have to be re-done and a mod will either add a tie breaker rule to the rematch or pick a new goal altogether for the competitors.

Draw Times

This tournament employs draw times for those who finish within a certain amount of time after a competitor who uses a "faster" way of playing the game. If a draw occurs, the match will have to be redone; Unless both competitors agree to ignore the draw times and declare one player the winner. Competitors are also allowed to create their own draw times if they wish at any time, both competitors will need to agree on this however.

Competitors are highly encouraged to Use the same method of play and version if possible, but these draw times are here for circumstances where it cannot be helped.

Unlike the previous WCC, there are no draw times due to method of play for the original trilogy, as both PSXfin and FDS are banned. FDS is only allowed if all competitors of a race are using it. EPSXE versions that are allowed are 1.8, 1.9 and 2.0.0, all others are banned. Mednafen is also allowed. For the N.Sane Trilogy, the draw time is unchanged since the original WCC.

  • All in italics is the slower way of playing and what the draw is given for.
  • All not listed combinations are deemed as equal and there is no draw time (Such as N.Sane PC SSD vs N.Sane Console)
Draw Times for method of play
N. Sane Trilogy
Run length (When first competitor finishes) PC with HDD vs Console PS4
0 - 15 Mins 20 seconds
15 - 30 Mins 35 seconds
30 - 45 Mins 45 seconds
45 - 60 Mins 55 seconds
60 + Mins 1 minute

Unlike the original WCC, If competitors choose to race English/European version with the Japanese versions, there are no official draw times, but competitors can still make up their own draw times. Racing between an English/European version with the Japanese version is highly discouraged. There are still draw times between NTSC-U and PAL versions, to assist those who only have access/want to play their region's consoles.

Draw Times for Version Differences
Crash Bandicoot Crash Bandicoot 2 Crash Bandicoot 3
Run length (When first competitor finishes) PAL vs NTSC NTSC vs PAL PAL vs NTSC
0 - 15 Mins 25 seconds 20 seconds 25 seconds
15 - 30 Mins 45 seconds 35 seconds 45 seconds
30 - 45 Mins 60 seconds 45 seconds 60 seconds
45 - 60 Mins 80 seconds 55 seconds 80 seconds
60 + Mins 90 seconds 60 seconds 90 seconds


Seeding returned with the following objectives:

  • Crash 1 - From Rolling Stones, get 2 gems and beat Lost City
  • Crash 2 - From Warp Room 2, defeat the Komodo Bros and get 3 gems,starting with 5 crystals clean in warp room 2
  • Crash 3 - From Warp Room 2, defeat Dingodile and get 2 gems and 1 gold/platinum relic starting with 5 crystals clean in warp room 2

All seed submission must be done in the PS1 games only.


It's meant to make the groups a little bit balanced,and to practice a bit for the actual tournament

Seeding Tier Tables

Competitors in the same Tier could not be drawn to race each other. Every group contained a competitor from each tier.

Also, competitors in Tier 1 were able to choose 1 person that isn't in Tier 1 that they would like to be in the same group.

Tier 1 Kolapro





10:51 (Dropped out)





Marcus Terry-Bedford


Tier 2 DarkLizzard




Lucas Bolton








Tier 3 Cotote




  • Crash 3
  • Crash 2
  • Crash 1

Participating Players

Player Tournament Appearance Last Appearance Previous Best Performance WSC Consecutive Streak
United Arab Emirates-16.png Abdul 5th WCC Semi-Finals 1
Slovakia-16.png Averso 1st Debut N/A 1
UnitedKingdom-16.png COOLPRO195 8th WCC 4th 1
Australia-16.png Cotote 17th IAS? Te1°n! 2nd Place 17
UnitedStates-16.png Crash41596 5th IAS7 1st Place 1
UnitedKingdom-16.png CrashBashLegend 2nd IAS10 Round 2 1
Australia-16.png CrosstownExpress 1st Debut N/A 1
Australia-16.png DaAcorn 1st Debut N/A 1
UnitedKingdom-16.png DantaFanta 3rd IAS? Te1°n! Round 2 2
Czechia-16.png DarkLizzard 1st Debut N/A 1
UnitedStates-16.png dessertmonkeyjk 12th WCC 4th Place 1
UnitedStates-16.png DrMonkeyman 1st Debut N/A 1
UnitedKingdom-16.png EP 1st Debut N/A 1
Australia-16.png Fromond 13th IAS? Te1°n! Quarter-Finals 2
Canada-16.png Graveyardmagician 1st Debut N/A 1
Morocco-16.png HAYTAM14 1st Debut N/A 1
UnitedKingdom-16.png James Jones 5th IAS? Te1°n! Round 2 2
Australia-16.png Keyford 2nd DR-WC Round 1 1
Serbia-16.png Kolapro 6th ISGP2 4th Place 1
UnitedKingdom-16.png Lucas Bolton 1st Debut N/A 1
UnitedKingdom-16.png Marcus Terry-Bedford 1st Debut N/A 1
Estonia-16.png Playsihull 10th IAS? Te1°n! 3rd Place 10
UnitedKingdom-16.png Smudgey 1st Debut N/A 1
Tunisia-16.png The Gangster 1st Debut N/A 1
Australia-16.png ThePsychicGaymer 1st Debut N/A 1
Tunisia-16.png TK 1st Debut N/A 1
Vietnam-16.png TooneySA 1st Debut N/A 1
UnitedStates-16.png TOTOzigemm 3rd WCC 2nd Place 1
Brazil-16.png Vinihuebr 1st Debut N/A 1
Australia-16.png Xindictive 12th RIP: Resurrected 1st Place 1
UnitedStates-16.png Yogamoanyo 7th IAS10 Semi-Final 1

Round 1 Groups


In Round 1, the points allocation is as follows:

Win 2
Loss 1

There is no point allocation for draws, as a draw always indicates for a rematch until there is a winner.

Group A

Group Rankings
Competitors Played Won Lost Points
TOTOzigemm 4 4 0 8
DarkLizzard 4 3 1 7
Crash41596 4 2 2 6
CrosstownExpress 4 1 3 5
Smudgey 4 0 4 4
Player 1 Vs Player 2
TOTOzigemm Crash 3 Crash41596
TOTOzigemm Crash 2 DarkLizzard
TOTOzigemm Crash 2 Smudgey
TOTOzigemm Crash Bash CrosstownExpress
Crash41596 Crash 3 DarkLizzard
Crash41596 Crash 2 Smudgey
Crash41596 Crash 2 CrosstownExpress
DarkLizzard Crash Bash Smudgey
DarkLizzard Crash Team Racing CrosstownExpress
Smudgey CTR:NF CrosstownExpress
Matches Done - 10/10

Group B

Group Rankings
Competitors Played Won Lost Points
Cotote 4 4 0 8
Graveyardmagician 4 3 1 7
Yogamoanyo 5 2 3 6
TK 4 1 3 5
HAYTAM14 4 0 4 4
CrashBashLegend (*dropped out) 1 1 0 0
Player 1 Vs Player 2
HAYTAM14 Crash 3 Cotote
HAYTAM14 Crash 3 Yogamoanyo
HAYTAM14 Crash Team Racing Graveyardmagician
HAYTAM14 Crash 3 TK
Cotote Crash 2 Yogamoanyo
Cotote Crash 3 Graveyardmagician
Cotote Crash 1 TK
Yogamoanyo Crash 3 Graveyardmagician
Yogamoanyo Crash 2 TK
Graveyardmagician Crash Bash TK
CrashBashLegend Crash 1 (void) Yogamoanyo
Matches Done - 10/10
  • CrashBashLegend dropped out due to a lack of motivation to compete and not wanting to knock other people out of the tournament.

Group C

Group Rankings
Competitors Played Won Lost Points
Averso 4 4 0 8
COOLPRO195 4 3 1 7
Lucas Bolton 4 2 2 6
The Gangster 4 1 3 5
Xindictive 4 0 4 4
Luka (*Dropped Out) 0 0 0 0
Player 1 Vs Player 2
Averso Crash 1 Lucas Bolton
Averso Crash 1 COOLPRO195
Averso Crash 1 Xindictive
Averso Crash 2 The Gangster
Lucas Bolton Crash 3 COOLPRO195
Lucas Bolton Crash 2 Xindictive
Lucas Bolton Crash 3 The Gangster
COOLPRO195 Crash Bandicoot: Wrath of Cortex Xindictive
COOLPRO195 Crash 3 The Gangster
Xindictive Crash 3 The Gangster
Matches Done - 10/10

  • Luka dropped out due to coming down with symptoms of COVID-19 shortly after the tournament began. He was replaced by COOLPRO195.

Group D

Group Rankings
Competitors Played Won Lost Points
ThePsychicGaymer 4 3 1 7
Playsihull 4 3 1 7
DaAcorn 4 2 2 6
EP 4 2 2 6
Keyford 4 0 4 3
Player 1 Vs Player 2
ThePsychicGaymer Crash Team Racing EP
ThePsychicGaymer Crash Team Racing


ThePsychicGaymer Crash 2 Keyford
ThePsychicGaymer Crash 1 DaAcorn
EP Crash 2 Playsihull
EP Crash 1 Keyford*
EP Crash 2 DaAcorn
Playsihull Crash 3 Keyford
Playsihull Crash 3 DaAcorn
Keyford Crash 2 DaAcorn
Matches Done - 10/10

  • Keyford failed to record his side of the race, and therefore does not get a point for a loss

Group E

Group Rankings
Competitors Played Won Lost Points
Vinihuebr 4 4 0 8
Marcus Terry-Bedford 4 3 1 7
TooneySA 4 2 2 6
Fromond 4 1 3 5
James Jones 4 0 4 4
Player 1 Vs Player 2
Marcus Terry-Bedford Crash 2 James Jones
Marcus Terry-Bedford Crash Team Racing Vinihuebr
Marcus Terry-Bedford Crash 3 TooneySA
Marcus Terry-Bedford Crash 2 Fromond
James Jones Crash 1 Vinihuebr
James Jones Crash 3 TooneySA
James Jones Crash 1 Fromond
Vinihuebr Crash 2 TooneySA
Vinihuebr Crash 3 Fromond
TooneySA Crash 1 Fromond
Matches Done - 10/10

Group F

Group Rankings
Competitors Played Won Lost Points
Abdul 4 4 0 8
Kolapro 4 3 1 7
DantaFanta 4 2 2 6
DrMonkeyman 4 1 3 5
dessertmonkeyjk 4 0 4 4
KingDeDeDe (replaced) 0 0 0 0
Polygonal Pixen (replaced) 0 0 0 0
Player 1 Vs Player 2
Kolapro Crash Bash (Japan) DantaFanta
Kolapro Crash 3 DrMonkeyman
Kolapro Crash 1 dessertmonkeyjk
Kolapro Crash: Huge Adventure Abdul
DantaFanta Crash Team Racing DrMonkeyman
DantaFanta Crash 3 dessertmonkeyjk
DantaFanta CTR:NF Abdul
DrMonkeyman Crash 2 dessertmonkeyjk
DrMonkeyman Crash 2 Abdul
dessertmonkeyjk Crash 1 (NST) Abdul
Matches Done - 10/10

Winners Matches

Winners of Round 1 groups will be drawn into 3 1 v 1 matches, with the winner advancing to the Semi-Finals, and the loser moving to the Quarter-Final Groups

Player 1 Versus Player 2
Cotote Crash 3 Abdul
Vinihuebr Crash 2 ThePsychicGaymer
TOTOzigemm Crash 1 Averso

Round 2 Sudden Death

2nd placers and 3rd placers of their respective groups are paired in 6 1 v 1 matches, with the winner advancing to the Quarter-Final groups, and the loser being eliminated.

Player 1 Versus Player 2
Graveyardmagician Crash 3 Crash41596
Marcus Terry-Bedford Crash 2 DaAcorn
Playsihull Crash 2 Lucas Bolton
COOLPRO195 Crash Nitro Kart Yogamoanyo
Kolapro Crash 2 TooneySA
DarkLizzard Crash 2 DantaFanta

Quarter-Final Groups

The 3 losers of the Winners Matches and the 6 winners of the Round 2 Sudden Death matches are placed in 3 groups of 3. The 3 winners advance to the Semi-Finals, the 3 second placers advance to the 2nd place face off and the 3 third placers are eliminated.

Group X

Group Rankings
Competitors Played Won Lost Points
Averso 2 1 1 3
Marcus Terry-Bedford 1* 1 0 2
Yogamoanyo 1* 0 1 1
Player 1 Vs Player 2
MTB Crash: Twinsanity* Yogamoanyo
MTB Crash 2 Averso
Yogamoanyo Crash 2 Averso

*This race was declared void as it was 7 minutes under the minimum time limit of quarter-final matches, which was 35 minutes. They would have been granted a rematch but this fact was discovered a week after the Round's original deadline and 4 days after the revised deadline

Group Y

Group Rankings
Competitors Played Won Lost Points
Cotote 2 2 0 4
DaAcorn 2 1 1 3
Graveyardmagician 2 0 2 2
Player 1 Vs Player 2
Cotote Crash 2 Graveyardmagician
Cotote Crash 3 DaAcorn
Graveyardmagician Crash 2 DaAcorn

*Vinihuebr was replaced by DaAcorn in a wildcard draw for personal reasons

**Crash41596 was replaced by Graveyardmagician due to being inactive

Group Z

Group Rankings
Competitors Played Won Lost Points
Kolapro 2 2 0 4
DarkLizzard 2 1 1 3
playsihull 2 0 2 2
Player 1 Vs Player 2
DarkLizzard Crash Bash Kolapro
DarkLizzard Crash 3 playsihull
Kolapro Crash 2 playsihull


The winners of the Winners Matches and the first placers of the Quarter-Final Groups face off in 3 1 v 1 matches. The 3 winners advance to the Grand Final, losers move to the Final Chance Foursome.

Semi-Final matches are a best 2 out of 3, featuring only Crash 1, 2, and 3. Whoever wins the most races wins the match.

Player 1 Versus Player 2
Abdul Crash 3

Crash 1


Kolapro Crash 2

Crash 3

Crash 1


TOTOzigemm Crash 3

Crash 1



2nd place face-off

The 2nd placers of the Quarter-Finals face off in one three-way match, with the winner advancing to the Final Chance Foursome.

2nd place face-off
Marcus Terry-Bedford 1st
DarkLizzard 2nd
DaAcorn 3rd
Crash 3

Final Chance Foursome

The losers of the Semi-Finals and the the winner of the Final Chance Foursome have one last 4-way race where the winner advances to the Grand Final as the 4th competitor.

Final Chance Foursome
Averso 1st
MTB 2nd
ThePsychicGaymer 3rd
Cotote 4th
Crash 1 & 2

Grand Final

The grand final is made up of the winners of the Semi-Finals and the winner of the Second Chance Foursome

Grand Final
Competitors Result
Kolapro Gold.png
TOTOzigemm Silver.png
Abdul Bronze.png
Averso 4
Match 1, Match 2, Match 3, Tie-breaker


  • At 11/24, or 45.8%, The Wumpa Classic Championship has the largest percentage of competitors from non English speaking countries.