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Zaydskate Profile Picture.png
Zaydskate's current profile picture
Real Name Zayd
Country UnitedKingdom-24.png United Kingdom
Tournament History IAS 6-8, Rayman Tournament, IANR, MSPL, IASIT, DR-WC
Best Outcome Silver.png2nd Place (IAS 7)
Gold.png1st Place (IANR)
Contact info

He knows his stuff, about the community.
- TheAFH013

Zaydskate is a speedrunner and a member of the SpyroSpeedruns community, making his first appearance in IAS 6. Zaydskate, however, had been competing in speedruns, on his own channel, before IAS 6, and still does. Despite joining the community through IAS 6, since 2009, he has been an avid viewer of the SpyroSpeedruns community's videos.

Participation in I'm A Speedrunner 6

Zaydskate trialled to be a seed in IAS 6, doing the old objective of getting to the Dream Weavers world in Spyro the Dragon. He was successful, and was a seed for Group C. Due to his successful seed trial, he was predicted a quarter-final elimination. In his Group in Round 1 were VideoGameRules645, Ashdragon90 and theDANISHdynamite. He won all of his matches, only playing Spyro 1.

In Round 2 he was against AuronSuper95, although the two could not decide whether to do Spyro 1 or 2, as AuronSuper95 did not want to do Spyro 1 and Zaydskate did not want to do Spyro 2. A randomisation was done by Ratchet5 and the result came out as Spyro 2. Despite this, after negotiations, AuronSuper95 agreed to doing Spyro 1. Zaydskate won this Round 2 match. AuronSuper95, was not happy with the match and broke his Spyro 1 disc after the speedrun. He then offered to edit the match and uploaded it but was rejected though, by the guest commentators of the match because they thought he wanted to change the audio.

In his Quarter-Final match Zaydskate was against TheAFH013 who, like AuronSuper95, wanted to do Spyro 2. Another randomisation was done and again the results came out as Spyro 2. The match was re-done as TheAFH013, had broken an unmentioned rule. Despite this, he had done better in the second run, TheAFH013 won which knocked Zaydskate out of the tournament. Zaydskate briefly returned though, as a guest commentator in TheAFH013 and Ratchet5's Semi-Final Match.

Participation in Rayman Tournament

After Zaydskate was eliminated from IAS 6, he joined VideoGameRules645's Rayman tournament. The tournament only had six competitors. Zaydskate won the only match in the tournament, a Rayman 2 speedrun against OldClassicGamer, because the tournament was cancelled.

Participation in MultiSpeedruns Premier League

Zaydskate joined the MultiSpeedruns Premier League after a request from some of its admins. He joined in week 5 as a replacement. His first match was against NoVaX9000 playing Timesplitters 2; Zaydskate won this match. His next match was against Manaidr playing Ratchet and Clank; Zaydskate won this match. His week 7 match was against CrashBandicoot872 playing Toy Story 2; Zaydskate won this match. His week 8 match was supposed to be against 99crashbandicoot, with Zaydskate playing Spyro 2. However 99crashbandicoot was unavailable, which lead to Zaydskate doing a Void match for week 8. His week 9 match was against ScourgeandMephiles93, playing Toy Story 2, Zaydskate this match, although it was not uploaded because the tournament had been cancelled.

Participation in I'm A Newb Runner

Zaydskate, along with Ashdragon90 hosted a Spyro 1 tournament called I'm A Newb Runner, for newcomers to speedruns or people who do not do as well in other tournaments. The tournament was mildly successful, as less than the expected amount of competitors joined and less than the expected amount of matches were done. Zaydskate was in Group B with DessertMonkeyJK, Katrinonus and Spikestuff95. Katrinonus had to drop out due to personal reasons, but Zaydskate did his matches against the other competitors who were in his Group, and won them both. Due to the lack of people doing their matches, Zaydskate, along with the other competitors that at least tried to do a match automatically went through to Round 2.

In Round 2 he was in Group A with 99crashbandicoot, MuddyMaestro and replacement Instromation. He and Instromation did the first match of Round 2 (although the video was not uploaded), Zaydskate won the match. Zaydskate, along with the other competitors of his Round 2 Group, could not face 99crashbandicoot who had broken his arm and had to drop out of the competition, although due to Round 2 not progressing, 99crashbandicoot was brought back as his arm had recovered before the matches were done. His match against Zaydskate was never done.

Zaydskate qualified for the Grand Final along with MuddyMaestro, Ashdragon90, VideoGamesRules645, NoVaX9000 and DessertMonkeyJK. Due to the time zone differences, and how unsuccessful the organisation between competitors was and the amount matches being done, a year after when the Final should have been done, a new plan went underway to get the Final done. Three of the competitors would do a version of the Final, while the other three would do another version of the Final, with all the recording being put to together in one video that would be uploaded twice each with one of the Group's audio. Zaydskate was in a Group with Ashdragon90 and NoVa, however, NoVa was unavailable and was not able to compete. Another year later when the Final was uploaded it was revealed that Zaydskate won the Final and thus became the winner of I'm A Newb Runner.

Participation in I'm A Speedrunner 7

Zaydskate was predicted a semi final elimination. Zaydskate was in Group Politics with Slodgeball, RsBerzerkaVG and KingEurope1, for Round 1. It was compulsory for Zaydskate to do a Muppet Monster Adventure speedrun with RsBerzerkaVG, the match was a race to beat the first boss, Zaydskate won this match. After the controversy with KingEurope1, Zaydskate his match against Slodgeball, on Toy Story 2, to get 10 tokens and be in the level Allies and Gullies, Zaydskate won this match.

His match against KingEurope1 was controversial. Zaydskate and KingEurope1 decided to do a race on Toy Story 2 to beat the first boss, with rule that two out of the three required tokens had to be earned from the two RC race challenges. KingEurope1 had told Zaydskate that chitching the second RC race was allowed and Zaydskate assumed that chitching the first race was not allowed, since that had not been mentioned. Zaydskate only managed to do his speedrun on the last day of Round 1. KingEurope1 was apparently stalling the match. He also tried changing the game to one that Zaydskate could not play, apparently so he could claim that Zaydskate refused to do his match. When the speedrun took place, KingEurope1 chitched the first RC race. When he asked for the speedrun to restart, since the race was no longer fair, KingEurope1 refused, claiming that it was Zaydskate's fault for not knowing it was allowed. KingEurope1 told Zaydskate to send his video the next day. Zaydskate told Ratchet5 what had happened with the speedrun. The next day KingEurope1 had uploaded his half of the speedrun, claiming that he wanted to get it uploaded in time, but had apparently actually done this so that it would look like Zaydskate refused to send his video which would mean he would get no points. Ratchet5 had found out that KingEurope1 did not actually compete in the speedrun and in fact, was watching a video of the run done by Crash41596, which was requested by KingEurope1. Ratchet5 declared KingEurope1 to be cheating and Zaydskate was awarded the win.

Zaydskate was a seed for Round 2, as he had the most points in his Group. He was against TheAFH013. It was a race to beat the Toy Barn Encounter level in Toy Story 2. TheAFH013 won the match.

Since Zaydskate lost his Round 2 match, he was able to take part in the 18 man Toy Story 2 speedrun, in which the top three places of the match would go through to Round 3. He was also allowed to suggest an objective for the speedrun, his original suggestion was the beat the Al's Space Land mini-boss, however this was deemed too long, so Zaydskate suggested to beat the Al's Toy Barn mini-boss. One of the suggestions was randomly picked, with Zaydskate's being chosen. Despite the speedrun being an 18-man speedrun, only seven competitors showed up. Zaydskate came first, Slodgeball came second and Ratchet5 came third.

Due to Zaydskate being in the top three places of the 7-man speedrun, he was able to compete in the Quarter-finals. His apponent was Cypryssss, which was a Toy Story 2 race to beat the first five mini-bosses non-chitched. Zaydskate and Cypryssss did not do their runs at the same time as they had trouble finding available at the same time. The videos were checked and Cypryssss came out as the winner. However, it turned out that Cypryssss had actually done his run chitched, although was unaware that level design exploits counted as being chitched for this speedrun. Two weeks after the speedrun, after negotiations, a randomisation was held to see who would have to redo their match, with the results being that Cypryssss would have to redo his. After Cypryssss re-did his match, the two videos were put together, with Cypryssss as the winner.

However, Zaydskate returned, due to Crash41596 dropping out of the tournament and Cypryssss being voted out, two speedruns would take place with the Round 3 losers. Each competitor only doing one speedrun, with the winner of each replacing one of the two competitors. One was a Toy Story Racer speedrun, to replace Cypryssss' place, and the other was a Toy Story 2 speedrun, to replace Crash41596's place. Zaydskate took part in the Toy Story 2 speedrun, along with Slodgeball and MrFinlandboy. Like the 7-man speedrun, each competitor could suggest an objective for their respective speedrun, however this time having the speedrun chitched was compulsory, a suggestion was picked at random. Once again Zaydskate's suggestion was picked. It was a race to get all the tokens that are possible for one to get non-chitched in the first seven levels. Zaydskate had won this match, replacing Crash41596 in the Triple Threat.

Zaydskate was against Ratchet5 and Nintendogen64 in the Triple Threat match, playing Muppet Monster Adventure. It was a race to get 24 muppet tokens. Zaydskate won this and earned a place in the IAS 7 Grand Final.

Zaydskate was in the Grand Final with CrystalFissure, MuddyMaestro, Ratchet5, and MrGamesendy. The Grand Final was a race to beat the final boss with the requirement of having to fully complete level 13, Airport Infiltration. Zaydskate's opponents had predicted that he would come either third of fourth. CrystalFissure came first and became the winner of IAS 7. Zaydskate came second and became the runner up.

Participation in I'm A Speedrunnner 8

Originally Zaydskate did not own any Gex games and so could not compete. He then got the required game, Gex 3D, making it so there were enough competitors for the tournament to go underway.

In Round 1 Zaydskate was in Group D with Nintendogen64, TheStickKid and Slodgeball. Zaydskate's first match was against Nintendogen64, a Gex 3D speedrun to get one red remote in each level of the second area. Zaydskate lost this match. He next faced TheStickKid, who had also lost to Nintendogen64. The match was a Gex 3D speedrun to complete the level Aztec 2 Step, since both competitors were confident that they would beat Slodgeball (who had never played Gex until his first match) this match was seen a decider for who would go through to Round 2 with Nintendogen64. Zaydskate won this match. His next match was against Slodgeball, which was a Gex 3D speedrun to beat the first boss with four silver remotes. Zaydskate won this match and became the runner up of his Group and so went through to Round 2.

In Round 2 Zaydskate was against CrystalFissure in a Gex 3D speedrun to get a red remote in each level of the third area. Zaydskate lost and was eliminated from the tournament. Zaydskate did return for IAS Talk, as guest in one edition of the IAS 8 Talk Show and as a guest commentator in TheAFH013 and Lylebandicoot93's Round 2 match.

Speedrunning Outside Tournaments

Zaydskate has taken part in many speedruns outside the tournaments. He has uploaded speedruns to his and the SpyroSpeedruns channels. He has also taken part in many unrecorded speedruns. He has been in a Spyro 1 race to beat the game 120% against Ashdragon90 (but did not record his video) this was uploaded to Ashdragon90's channel. He has taken part in a Muppet Monster Adventure speedrun against Ratchet5, RabidWombatJR and Nintendogen64; Zaydskate won this speedrun. He had also taken part in the first two Toy Story 2 Speedruns, one against CrystalFissure and Ratchet5, the other just CrystalFissure, winning both; however, these were never uploaded.

Tournament Statistics

Match Statistics

Tournament Matches Played Matches Won Matches Lost Win % Outcome
IAS 6 5 4 1 80 % Quarter-Final
IANR 4 4 0 100 % Gold.png
IAS 7 9 6 3 66.67 % Silver.png
IAS 8 4 2 2 50 % Quarter-Final
IAS Invitational 2 1 1 50 % Semi-Final
DR-WC 6 3 3 50 % Quarter-Final
IAS? Te1°n! 5 2 3 40 % Silver.png
Total 35 22 13 62.86 % -

Game Statistics

Game Matches Wins Losses Win%
Spyro 1 4 4 0 100%
Spyro 2 1 0 1 0%
Muppet Monster Adventure 4 3 1 75%
Toy Story 2 7 4 3 57.14%
Gex 2 4 2 2 50%

Other Tournaments

Tournament Matches Played Matches Won Matches Lost Outcome
Rayman Tournament 1 1 0 Tournament cancelled
(won the only match done)
MSPL 5 5 0 Tournament cancelled
(6th in points, statistically 1st)
Total 6 6 0



  • In IAS 6, Zaydskate was the newcomer that got the furthest, along with NeviutzLP.
  • In IAS 6 Zaydskate had the most randomisations, with two. The only other competitors to have one were his opponents.
  • Zaydskate's first tournament match was against theDANISHdynamite.
  • In IAS 6 Zaydskate was predicted for a Quarter-Final elimination, which was based around his seed trial, Zaydskate did in fact get eliminated in the Quarter-Finals.
  • Zaydskate's most common competitor in singles matches, in the tournaments, is TheAFH013.
  • Zaydskate's prediction for IAS 7 was a Semi-Final elimination, however Zaydskate got to the Grand Final without playing a Semi-Final match. Zaydskate was the only finalist in IAS 7 to do this.
  • In IAS 7, most of the controversy had something to do with a match Zaydskate took part in.
  • In all but two singles speedruns, Zaydskate's recording has been on the right-hand side of the video (three if TheStickKid's version of his IAS 8 Round 1 match against Zaydskate is included).
  • Zaydskate has lost to TheAFH013 more than anyone else.